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Akina Maihama (舞浜 亜希奈 Maihama Akina) is an aspiring idol who is General Tsu's apprentice and Luna's rival. Under General Tsu's guidance, Akina lands a role in a George Spielburton film by using Queen Hedrian's "dance of greed" from Sun Vulcan episode 15. However, the movie project is canceled after Spielburton has a Sentai-themed dream and returns to the U.S. to create a new story. Despite this, Akina develops a rivalry with Luna.

Character History

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Akina is portrayed by Sakina Kuwae (桑江 咲菜 Kuwae Sakina), who previously portrayed Natsume Masaki in Juken Sentai Gekiranger.

Behind the Scenes

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