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Akiho Ikematau (池松秋保 Ikematau Akiho), is the minor character and a former crush of Takamichi Crystalia in Mashin Sentai Kiramager. She appears in episode 16.

Character History

30 years ago when Takamichi was still a human and a high-school, Akiho gifted him a marshmallow as a gift for a White Valentine’s Day and promise him to gift her marshmallows for her if he likes it. Unfortunately, she was heart-broken when misunderstood of hearing Takamichi dislike marshmallows shortly before Takamichi noticed her presences. While planning to forgive Akiho, Takamichi was already at a bad timing in the day where he became a half-Crystalian and stayed in Crystalia for years before returning to Earth, at cost of unable to makeup his mistakes to Akiho. This tragedy was the reason why Takamichi traumatized and heart-broken of seeing marshmallows, resulting to remember his misunderstandings to Akiho.

For 30 years, Akiho became a successful violinist. Around the time when Marshmallow Jamen attempt to turn women into marshmallows outside the building she perform, Akiho manage to get every civilians out while Kiramagers (including Takamichi) took care of the Yodonheim. Thanks to Sena Hayami’s encouragement, Takamichi overcome the trauma and gifting a pack of marshmallows to Akiho as an apology, revealing that he did like marshmallows, but was too shy to gratefully confess her gratitude for the gift to him, just as she forgive him.

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