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Akemi Sakuma (佐久間 暁美 Sakuma Akemi) was the mother of Kotaro/Koguma Skyblue and Jiro Sakuma who died after Jiro's birth.


Akemi died some time after giving birth to Jirou. When Kotaro first learned of the Toki Kyutama's ability to time travel, he speculated about using it to go back in time and see her again.

He recieved that wish in another way. When the explosion on Toki caused each of the 12 keys to haunt the Kyurangers with a different person from their past, Kotaro's key spawned his mother. This caused Kotaro to hesitate to turn the key because that would cause Akemi to disappear again. When Vice-Shogun Tecchu attacked, Akemi was frightened to find that Kotaro was intent on fighting. Stinger and Champ escorted her to a place where she could safely see the fighting and gain confidence in Kotaro's ability to fight alongside the other Kyurangers. Before Kotaro turned the key, Akemi asked the other Kyurangers to look after her son. Having done that, the Kyurangers watched as she disappeared.


  • Kotaro Sakuma - son, Koguma Skyblue
  • Jiro Sakuma - youngest son.

Behind the scenes


Akemi Sakuma is portrayed by recurring guest actress Mizuho Hata (秦 みずほ Hata Mizuho), who previously played Mugi Grafton/Neo-Deka Yellow in Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger: 10 YEARS AFTER

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