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"Mosa Fury, Gold Ranger!"
―Dino Fury Gold Ranger's Roll call[src]

"Mosa Fury, pigeon?"
―Aiyon's roll call as a pigeon[src]

Aiyon is a Rafkonian from the planet Rafkon who was the part of the Ancient Dino Fury Rangers 65 million years ago as the Dino Fury Gold Ranger. He later woke up from his sleep in the present day and reunited with Zayto and became the Sixth Ranger of the modern Dino Fury Rangers in Power Rangers Dino Fury.[1]



65 million years ago in Rafkon, Aiyon was once part of the Knights of Rafkon, under the leadership of Zayto. Soon, the two became best friends and sparring partners. During the creation of the Sporix Beasts to fight against invaders, Aiyon was displeased that the Rafkonian government attempted to unleash the Sporix without a proper test, realizing that it could endanger the planet.

Aiyon attempted to destroy the Sporix machine for the sake of Rafkon, only for Zayto to stop him before he could succeed. But Zayto soon realized, alongside their fellow knights, that Aiyon was right as the Sporix Army instead began attacking their homeworld. As their planet was destroyed by the Sporix, Aiyon and his fellow knights chased them to Earth, where they would gain the help of the dinosaurs and where the Morphin Masters would make them the first team of Dino Fury Rangers.

During a Megazord battle, two of his fellow Rangers warned the team that the Ultrazord was about to be destroyed, due to the Sporix Beasts being too powerful. Aiyon and Zayto managed to escape, but the other Rafkon Rangers perished in the Ultrazord's destruction. Both Zayto and Aiyon went into stasis, with Aiyon's pod being submerged underwater, separating himself from Zayto. The Green Morphin Master then appeared in front of him, giving him a task while also warning him that without him, Lord Zedd will reign again sometime after his defeat by Zordon's Energy Wave.


65 million years later, Aiyon is awakened from his stasis by the Ninja Nexus Prism. After Slyther and Mucus found his stasis pod, they are surprised to see him awake inside and escaped while he went out to save his friends from Tidemare. He would then teleport away after defeating the Sporix Beast.

Aiyon would then show up at Dinohenge the following day, revealing his identity to the other Rangers and reuniting with Solon. It was there he stated his interest in joining the team, but on the condition that he lead it. As the others questioned this sudden proposal, Aiyon spills the secrets of him and Zayto's past when they were Knights, revealing that the Rafkonians were the ones that created the Sporix Beasts and that Zayto had the chance to stop the entire process but refrained from doing so, resulting in a scrimmage that damaged their friendship. He then said that Zayto has a lot to learn about being a real leader, such as trusting their teammates.

Aiyon would then join the team in their latest encounter against Mucus. Using a trick, he managed to successfully land a hit on the slimy general, who then left with Slyther. Returning to Dinohenge, Aiyon is being praised by the other Rangers on his strategy. This caused him to boast that Zayto is not fit to lead anymore, causing the Red Ranger to leave the team. Aiyon then asked the others to help him find his Zord, which leads to him teleporting to BuzzBlast after Ollie recalls that he still has the data from his mom's submarine drone.

In BuzzBlast, while Aiyon discussed the whereabouts of his Zord with the others, he received a call from Solon of an attack by both Mucus and Wreckmate in Beach End Plaza, prompting him to lead the team into another battle (along with a returning Zayto). At first, Aiyon and Zayto managed to gain the upper hand against Wreckmate, only to find the tables have turned on them when the robot grew giant. Aiyon then asks Solon to dispatch the Zords and form the Dino Fury Megazord Warrior Formation. However, despite gaining the upper hand, the battle once again shifts to Wreckmate's favor when he sends the Megazord underwater, causing its systems to shut down due to it not being meant for aquatic environments. After Zayto suggests they retreat, the Rangers teleport out of the Megazord.

Aiyon, realizing the difficulties of being a leader, apologizes for his behavior, which Zayto assures is for the best as the two repaired their friendship. Soon, Aiyon's Dino Key glows, signifying that his Zord has activated. He would then bear witness to the appearance of the Mosa Razor Zord from the sea. Aiyon asks Zayto to help him free the other Zords, which the latter accepted. Together with Zayto, Aiyon commanded his new Megazord. Using his Zord, both managed to destroy Wreckmate and prevent him from destroying the other Zords.

After the battle, Aiyon decided to reconcile with Zayto on the latter's past mistakes as he now understood the responsibility of a leader after the recent events, realizing that Zayto had to make a tough call. He then relinquished his leadership on the team back to Zayto, citing what the latter said earlier on how a true leader knows when to step aside. Both friends then engage in a friendly sword duel before hugging each other as comrades once again.


"The fun-loving Aiyon was once a knight alongside the Red Ranger and rejoins the Dino Fury team to battle evil monsters."
―Official toy description packaging bio.[2][src]

Aiyon is shown to be a quite easygoing and fun-loving individual, in contrast to his fellow Rafkonian Zayto, who is very serious. He is also a great charmer, as he praised Solon for not changing one bit in 65 million years.

Despite this, Aiyon has a great sense of justice and is very cautious, being willing to break the rules to do the right thing, such as when he tried to prevent the Sporix Beasts from being released due to the danger they posed to Rafkon. He believes in the power of trust between his team members, a lesson which Zayto learned from him about what it meant to be a true leader.

Powers and Abilities


  • Rafkonian Physiology: As a Rafkonian, he is able to utilize the following:
    • Telepathy: Aiyon can read minds by making physical contact. He is also able to use this ability for the following further powers.
      • Retrocognition: Aiyon's telepathy allows him to see visions of the past.
      • Memory Transferal: Aiyon can also show others his own memories using his telepathy.
    • Retractable Antennae: Aiyon can retract his antennae to blend in with the humans of Earth and vice versa.


  • Sword Mastery: As a former Rafkon Knight, he excels in utilizing a sword. This ability extends to his usage with the Mosa Blade.
  • Reflexes: Aiyon appears to have amazing reflexes as seen in the episode "Crossed Wires", where he dodged a beam from a Sleep Trap.
  • Gun Mastery: As a Ranger, Aiyon excels in using his Mosa Blaster in battle.

Dino Fury Gold

Dino Fury Gold Ranger

This form is Aiyon's primary Ranger form that he was granted from by the Morphin Masters 65 million years ago. His Ranger form resembles a Mosasaurus, thus was also his dinosaur ally during the battle against the Sporix.




  • Mosa Fury Strike: By inserting the spare Mosa Dino Key on the Mosa Blade, Dino Fury Gold gathers all of the Mosa Razor Zord's power and executes an extremely powerful energy slash that takes the form of Mosa Razor's head.

Appearances: Dino Fury S1 Episodes 1 (flashback), 15-22, S2 Episodes 1-

Dino Fury Gold Electro Battle Armor

The Electro Battle Armor is the Battle Armor Mode that was utilized by Aiyon using the Electro Dino Key in the Mosa Blaster. In this Battle Armor mode, Aiyon can use lightning-based abilities.




  • Mosa Blade:
    • Mosa Slash: Dino Fury Gold charges the Mosa Blade in yellow electricity and delivers a powerful energy slash.
  • Mosa Blaster:
    • W/o Mosa Blade:
      • Electro Fury Blast: Using the Mosa Blaster, Dino Fury Gold unleashes a massive lightning strike at the enemy.
    • W/ Mosa Blade:
      • Electro Fury Blade Blast: Using the Gold Fury Blade Blaster, Dino Fury Gold charges up a massive sphere of lightning energy surrounded by tendrils of lightning, before launching it and annihilating the enemy. Another visitation is that it gathers all of the lightning energy from an energy manifestation of the Electro Zord into a lightning-charged manifestation of Electro's head.
Appearances: Dino Fury S1 Episodes 1 (flashback), 15-16, 19, 21-22, S2 Episodes 2, 8-9

Dino Fury Gold Blazing Battle Armor

The Blazing Battle Armor is the Battle Armor Mode that was utilized by Aiyon using the Blazing Dino Key in the Mosa Blaster. In this Battle Armor mode, Aiyon can use fire-based abilities.



Appearances: Dino Fury S1 Episodes 17


The Shadow Battle Armor is the Battle Armor Mode that was utilized by Aiyon using the Shadow Dino Key in the Mosa Blaster. In this Battle Armor mode, Aiyon can use darkness-based abilities.



Appearances: Dino Fury S1 Episodes 20

Dino Fury Gold Ranger Cosmic Battle Armor

The Cosmic Battle Armor is the Battle Armor Mode that was utilized by Aiyon using the Cosmic Dino Key in the Mosa Blaster. In this Battle Armor mode, Aiyon can use cosmic-based abilities.



Dino Fury Key

Dino Fury Gold Ranger Key

The Dino Fury Gold Ranger Key is based on the Dino Fury Gold Ranger. Using this key in the Dino Fury Morpher lets him transform into his respective Ranger form. This key is only exclusive by Hasbro toyline.

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