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Aira (アイラ) is an alien girl of planet Niji. She is notable for having the appearance similar to that of a Native American female, including a leather outfit and a headband with a feather, as well as her short, curly blonde hair. Her most obvious physical attribute are tattoo-like stripes that cover her entire body in red, yellow and blue, which is a sign of maturation and the emergence of the main powers of the Nijin. With the assistance of her Space Beast friend Daros, she can remove these powers, and thus her tattoos, in order to blend in with the humans of Earth.


The main ability of the people of planet Niji is the emission of lightning in three separate colors (red, yellow and blue) at the same time. Through this power, a Nijin can seal away the abilites of those hit by it, including internal powers and even technology used by whatever hit by it. However with the emergence of this power, the striped tattoos of the people appear on their body, thus making them a full-adult Nijin. As a mature Nijin, Aira possesses the rainbow-lightning, but also possesses the tattoos, which she considers ugly and not befitting whenever on Earth.

Aside from the powers of her people, Aira also possesses vast physical powers, including super strength and powerful leaping abilities. She also possesses a laser gun which she can use in combat as well.

Behind the scenes


Aira was portrayed by Youko Nakamura, who would later play Sara/Yellow Flash in the next series, Choushinsei Flashman.

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