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"You will all pay."
―Aiden Romero's final words before his destruction.[src]

A robot impostor of Aiden Romero was a pivotal antagonist in the first season of Power Rangers Ninja Steel.


Robo-Aiden is created by Madame Odius using the memories of the real Aiden Romero through a memory transfer. At the right moment, he is deployed with the task of getting close to the Ninja Steel Rangers and locating their base to steal the Ninja Power Stars. After the destruction of Trapsaw, Robot Aiden witnesses all six Rangers demorph. At Ribbon Tree Park, Robot Aiden confronts Brody Romero and, when Brody asks if he knows him, the robot identifies himself as Brody's brother Aiden, and the two hug. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Ranger Ribbon

Robot Aiden tells everyone about his past. After that, he asks if he could see the base, but Mick says it's only for the Rangers. The Rangers and Robot Aiden train in the garage. Levi and Robot Aiden spar, with Robot Aiden showing off his moves. Levi and Hayley tell Robot Aiden what he's doing isn't cool. Then Robot Aiden walks away, with Brody defending him. Robot Aiden helps the Rangers fight off Kudabots. But this is just a trap, so Toxitea can poison a Ranger. When she tries to poison Hayley and Levi, Brody takes the hit for them. Madame Odius says she'll give them the antidote if they give her all six Power Stars. Robot Aiden says that they have to give Odius the Power Stars so Levi and Hayley collect the Power Stars which Robot Aiden notices. They go and give them to Odius. Robot Aiden tells the other three about it. When they show up, Brody is cured and the Stars are revealed to be fake, made of chocolate. Levi and Hayley apologize to Robot Aiden about what they said. Robot Aiden admits that he was being a jerk. However, it's later revealed that Robot Aiden is actually working for Odius. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Poisonous Plots

Robot Aiden's destruction

Robot Aiden meets with Ripcon telling him that he needs his help to cause a distraction while he finds the Power Rangers' base. Brody and Robot Aiden sing their family song for the talent show. The others come in and tells them Ripcon is attacking. Levi heads back to the base to finish the Fusion Star. Robot Aiden sees where the base is and follows Levi inside. He tries to steal the Ninja Steel from them, but Levi follows him and fights him. Robot Aiden fires his blaster at him but Levi deflected it back at him which damages him and reveals that he's actually a robot. The other Rangers find him and use their Ninja Blasters to destroy the robot with the Ninja Blast. Robot Aiden can only claim in a distorted voice that they will pay before exploding. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Family Fusion


Robot Aiden's destruction triggers a connection between the pole and object that Robot Aiden and Levi are holding respectively and creates a cybernetic bridge which allows the memories that were put into him by Odius to be transferred back to Levi who turns out to be the real Aiden Romero. Although she was Robo-Aiden's maker, Madame Odius manages to pin the blame for creating him on Ripcon. This ends in Ripcon's death at the hands of the Ninja Fusion Zord and Odius becoming Galvanax's second in command before later betraying and usurping him.


At first glance sight, Robot Aiden was thought to be similar to Levi, being friendly and caring though he did show some points of being a bit of a show-off at times, he did "deeply care" for the Red Ranger. However, he showeed his true colors to his creator Madame Odius where he was actually an evil robot who was highly loyal to her and did anything in his power to destroy the Rangers and snag the Ninja Power Stars.

Powers and Abilities


  • Strength: Being a robot, Robot Romero was strong enough to pick Levi (the real Aiden) up over his head and slam him back down.


  • Skilled Fighter: Robot Aiden is a skilled fighter, being able to fight off eight Kudabots with his bare hands and nearly overpower the Gold Ranger with ease.


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  • Blaster: Robot Aiden possessed a powerful blaster while infiltrating the Rangers' base.
    • Energy Laser: Robo-Aiden could fire strong purple energy lasers from his blaster.
    • Paralysis Rings: Robot Aiden's blaster could fire blue colored energy rings that can paralyze any victim if hit on contact.

Behind the Scenes



  • "Aiden Romero" was an android designed to resemble a human.


  • His name was stolen from Levi Weston.


  • Robot Aiden was a Power Rangers exclusive creation as the Brody brother conflict did not exist in Shuriken Sentai Ninninger (since Takaharu/Brody and Kinji/Levi were merely friends).
  • Robot Aiden was the first impostor to a Ranger to look different from his real counterpart, as he is played by a different actor.
    • The obvious reason for this was because Brody and Aiden hadn't seen each other since childhood so Brody wouldn't know what Aiden would look like grown up, and Robot Aiden couldn't look like the real one (who turned out to be Levi Weston) as Madame Odius didn't want the Rangers to find out the identity of the true Aiden. The same goes for the production team to the audience.



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