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Adoborute-G of the Vital (バイタルのアドボルテG, Baitaru no Adoborute Jī) is a coral-theme member of the Machine Onslaught Empire Matrintis.

Character History

Adoborute-G sets himself up to test a Matrintis plot to use special "Vital Meters" as part of a means to begin a fad which in actuality allow for them to petrify anyone wearing the brace, thus either forcing humanity to either become petrified or to calmly submit themselves to Matrintis out of fear of becoming petrified. Moune ends up putting on one of th Vital Meters during a giveaway (where Adoborute-G was dressed in a pink rabbit suit) and soon discovers the means of which the Matroid works, thus forcing her to likewise stay calm or suffer the consequences. The other Goseiger have a hard time defeating Adoborute-G while Moune is away, with only Gosei Knight not affected by the Vital Meter due to having no emotions to manipulate. Ultimately, Moune returns having discovered inner peace through a bad joke of Professor Amachi, calmly doing away with the Matroid in combat. When Adoborute-G tries to use a human shield, Gosei Yellow remembers him as someone who butt in front of a girl in line to get the meter and uses a furious Rockrush combo to move him while blowing away the Matroid with Super Land Dynamic, freeing everyone petrified.

After being grown by the BB Nails, a combination of Gosei Ultimate and Gosei Ground easily do away with Adoborute-G.


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Modus and Arsenal

His main ability is the usage of special bullets known as "Scatter Go-Go!" (サンランゴゴー!, Sanran Gogō!) which he fires from his body.

Behind The Scene


Adoborute-G was voiced by Mitsuaki Hoshino (星野 充昭, Hoshino Mitsuaki).


  • Movie Reference: Adoborute-G is named after Crank: High Voltage (アドレナリン:ハイ・ボルテージ, Adorenarin: Hai Borutēji)
    • The main character of both the original Crank and the sequel is affected by a condition where they must keep an adrenaline rush going or else they die, the exact opposite of the effect of the Vital Brace. (in the original it is the effect of a drug; in the sequel it is to keep electricity flowing to an artificial heart)

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