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Adobaloolar is Vader Monster "12" of the Vader Clan.

Character History


Human form of Adobaloolar

Adobaloolar is a Vader Monster sent to obtain a certain poison gas from a scientist that it can use to place inside of its balloons for Vader Clan attacks. In order to get close to the poison gas, he befriends the head scientist's young daughter, Mika, while taking the guise of an old man who plays with her while he attacks the population with his balloons and uses them to track down the lab where her father works. Once there, he attacks the lab but fails to get the gas, although he does attack and gunk up the eyes of Akagi, blinding him briefly before the scientist uses his lasers to remove it.

When General Hedrer chides Adobaloolar for getting too close to the girl and forgetting about the poison gas for them, the Vader Monster decides to strike a deal with the scientists, treating Mika like she was "held hostage" all along and choosing to trade her for the poison gas. While the scheme does fail, he changes into his old man form one last time to say goodbye to Mika before facing the Denziman in his proper form. The Denziman finish him off with DenziStick Boomerang before it grows giant, where it uses its gunk balloon to briefly blind DaiDenzin until they use the Denzi Sword to remove it and finish the Vader Monster off with the Electric Full-Moon Cut.


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  • His main ability involve the usage of balloons it can blow up, both in themselves and in objects planted in the balloons that attack people when popped, most notably a gunk that gets in the eyes preventing anyone hit by it from seeing. The balloons on their own can be used to move objects that they are attached to. His main weapon outside of his balloons are a red and white staff stick. He can also turn into a human or a cluster of balloons, turn invisible, teleport, and change his size.

Behind the Scenes


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  • Adobaloolar were designed by character designer Ryuu Noguchi.


  • "Adobaruun" = "Advertising Baloon"


  • The storyline of Adobaloolar is similar to that of Wing Mask from Gorenger: both involve a monster who ultimately is evil but who does good things for a little girl and remains beloved by them even after their death for their organization, including the involvement of balloons as a bonding method between the two of them.


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