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This is the admin noticeboard for RangerWiki. The page is meant as a noticeboard for new projects, and fixes. Postings are by admins only. The talk page, however, is meant for admins to communicate with each other, and for queries from editors as well. Anyone may post there if they wish to address multiple admins.
You may also contact individual admins:
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Requirements for pages

Please ensure that each page has the correct article templates and infoboxes. Also insert appropriate categories (as specific but accurate as possible). Notable examples are:

  • Kat Manx - ranger page has article template and ranger infobox
  • Dragonzord - zord page has article template and zord infobox
  • Samurai Megazord - Megazord page has article template and Megazord

Newly-Initiated Projects

  • Add team categories
    • The objective of this is so that when people refer to teams in pages, it'll be easy to reference the members ONLY and not the entire show's page.
    • Add ranger team category to ranger pages i.e. the category 'Gokaigers' is added to Joe, Luka, Gai, Ahim, Marvelous and Don's pages.
    • Make a redirect page to the category i.e. page Gokaigers redirects to Category:Gokaigers.
  • Merge lists into categories
    • Category:Megazords now contains all Megazord lists.
  • Overly long articles are broken up into smaller groups.
    • Megazord contains all component pages. Add-on zord contains info about combo (i.e. White Tigerzord contains info for Mega Tigerzord). Carrierzord contains info for Ultrazord. For guides see zord pages for MMPR, RPM, Samurai.
    • Lengthy arsenal pages have the longer items removed, placed in a unique page, then shortened and directed for ease of use. i.e. Arsenal (Samurai) no longer has all the info on the weapons as the only weapon is the Spin Sword and it transforms into several forms, thus the page has a short description of the Spin Sword and the weapons it can become and links to the page Spin Sword.
    • Morphing calls and Morphing sequences pages have been removed, with their contents moved to Morphers, which is a camouflaged category page. In the same way, images from Zord cockpits pages have been moved to their respective zords and megazords.
  • Cleanups apply for Sentai and PR.
  • Super Sentai Dances requires expansion and detailed information about the dance steps. Aside from the eventual addition of Donbrothers, we need the dances of: Sun Vulcan, Megaranger, Abaranger, Dekaranger, Goseiger and Go-Onger.
  • Greater focus must be given to the Video Games and Toys sections of the wiki if possible, as many pages are underdeveloped and some consist of just a small description. I understand that we can’t get them all due to certain limitations such as older Japanese toys being scarce, but any effort is better than none.



  • Under NO circumstances will this fan-made film be allowed to appear on RangerWiki (or our sister wiki, TokuFanon, which specializes in fan-made materials). This fan film has appeared online in multiple different versions, including at least one which was deemed NSFW and reportedly contained nudity (Believed to be the one removed from Vimeo). Due to the violent nature of this film, the fact that it contains nudity in at least one version, shows real weapons, and contains scenes involving death, we will not be permitting it on the Tokupedia hub. The film is reportedly so bad that Saban has been pursuing the group to shut it down. Jason David Frank, who portrayed Tommy Oliver, gave his thoughts and his thoughts mirror my own. Additionally, RangerWiki does not host fan-created content, regardless of the source so this would be banned here anyway. We will not be allowing it on TokuFanon either.

Administration Appointment: December 15, 2020

The RangerWiki administration is considering User:RedLegend1 for Administrator status on this Wiki. Being an active contributor and serving as an administrator on the Kamen Rider Wiki, they are considered a strong candidate for the position, should they choose to accept it. All administrators are asked to vote Yay or Nay, or post an abstention with regard to this appointment.

  • Yay --SkyeGear, Admin, Bureaucrat - RangerWiki
  • Yay --Rgiacobbi1, Admin - RangerWiki
  • Yay --StrangerAtaru, Admin - RangerWiki
  • Yay --Digi, Admin, Bureaucrat - RangerWiki
  • Yay --Nbajammer, Admin, Bureaucrat - RangerWiki

With a majority vote consisting of 5 approvals and 4 implied abstentions, RedLegend1 is now the newest member of the RangerWiki administrative team, effective 16 December, 2020.