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"Since before you were born, every monster out there in every dimension - from Rita Repulsa, to Sledge and Galvanax - they've all wanted to take the Rangers' power and rule the universe. And now that you've wrapped it up with a ribbon, some evil mind will try to take it again. And when they come, this place - Grid Battleforce - won't be able to stop them."
―Mayor Daniels explaining to Nate why he disagrees with the development of Morph-X

Mayor Adam Daniels is the current mayor of Coral Harbor and the father of Devon Daniels.



As the Mayor, Adam seems to be a fairly responsible and strict person. However despite that, he cares for his son and wants him to be prepared for the professional world. His views on the use of Morph-X is stained by the past villainy of Rita Repulsa, Sledge, and Galvanax, who all attempted to take control of the Morphin Grid for the sake of ruling the multiverse. However that all changes when he learns of the development of a new team of Power Rangers.

Behind the Scenes


Mayor Daniels is portrayed by Kevin Copeland.


  • Mayor Daniels draws similarities with Colonel Mason Truman:
    • Both are the father to their respective series' Red Ranger.
    • Both are authority figures in their respective cities: Mayor Daniels is the mayor of Coral Harbor, while Colonel Truman is the commanding officer in Corinth's military forces.


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