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Actor Bōma (オヤクシャボーマ Oyakusha Bōma) is a Boma Beast of the Hundred Boma Tribes.

Character History


Initially appearing as Migratory Bird Bōma (ワタリドリボーマ Watari Dori Bōma), he wandered throughout Shikoku while awaiting the arrival of the Turboranger on the island in order to finish them off himself. But when he appears to the team, he immediately shows his incompetent nature to Yamimaru and Kirika, appearing to be a failure Boma who didn't have any abilities and only faked having skills. Daichi appeared to trust him enough to befriend him and see him as possibly needing assistance when he states his final scenario of having the Turboranger seal him themselves so he wouldn't cause any further nuisance in this age, even while the Turboranger and even Seelon saw his actions as suspicious and not worth trusting, both in his weakness and his ideas that they can seal him without the need of a fairy or Saint Beast Lakia.

Daichi appears to go along with Migratory Bird Bōma's "sealing" concept, following his sealing action to a tee including removing his Turbo Brace. However once the Turbo Brace is off, Actor Bōma reveals his true colors and attacks Black Turbo, stating that he was making a performance in order to finish the Turborangers on his own. But Daichi and the other Turboranger revealed they figured that out themselves, replacing the Black Turbo Brace with a fake knowing that he couldn't be trusted. Daichi wounds him with the T Hammer before the team finishes him off with the V-Turbo Bazooka. However after he is stopped, Actor Bōma is mysteriously grown by the "dead remains" of Great Boma Emperor Lagorn, shocking the Turboranger and even the Wandering Bōma in something external growing a Boma Beast! The Turboranger use Turbo Robo to make quick work of the giant Actor Bōma once he has grown.


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Powers and Abilities

Actor Bōma

  • His ultimate ability is to use the art of disguise to make himself appear as someone else, pretending to be "Migratory Bird Bōma" in order to gain the Turboranger's trust long enough to attack and finish them off.


  • He uses a special parasol that he attacks with both cherry blossoms and laser fire.

Migratory Bird Boma

  • His strongest attack is a guitar that can float and fire bullets at opponents from afar.


  • He uses multiple attacks without skill such as a kusarigama and the "Taiyoken" sword.

Behind the Scenes




  • While as Migratory Bird Bōma, one of his weapons is the "Taiyoken" (Sun Sword), which is the same weapon name as the main weapon of Sun Vulcan Robo.


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