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The Final Great Decisive Battle (最後大決戦 Saigo no Daikessen) is the forty-eighth episode of Samurai Sentai Shinkenger. It is the fourth part of Shinkenger's five-part endgame, featuring the final appearance of Dayu and a major event that alters the nature of the final showdown with Dokoku Chimatsuri.


As Dokoku returns with Dayu's sacrifice, Kaoru and the retainers desperately attempt to seal him once and for all while Takeru becomes involved in a stunning move by the Shiba head.


Once awakened, after killing Dayu for no longer being the player whose music he loved, Dokoku demands to face Kaoru as she appears. As Kaoru readies the sealing character, Super Shinken Blue, Hyper Shinken Green, and the other Shinkengers keep Dokoku from her. Just as the vassals are defeated, Kaoru successfully unleashes the Sealing Character Gedou Seal on Dokoku. But the sealing character fails as Dokoku reveals that he absorbed Dayu's human aspect to protect himself. Dokoku nearly kills Kaoru, but Takeru covers their escape.

Later that night, Kaoru requests a private audience with Takeru. Admiring him for having such loyal friends and seeing that the plan she was brought on for failed, Kaoru adopts Takeru as her son and successor, resigning as head of the Shiba House. This makes Takeru the nineteenth head of the Shiba House, and once more leader of the Shinkengers.

Meanwhile, after Dokoku pays his final respects to Dayu, he begins his attack on the mortal realm as the Sanzu River overflows into the living world. With Takeru announcing a strategy of all-out battle, the Shinkengers march towards their final confrontation with renewed confidence.


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  • As part of Super Hero Time, this episode aired alongside Kamen Rider WIcon-crosswiki.png episode 20, The I Doesn't Stop/Kamen Rider StyleIcon-crosswiki.png.
  • Viewership: 6.5%
  • Key Title Kanji: 戦 (Battle, referring to the final showdown with Dokoku)
  • Unlike others seen in the show, the kanji used for the sealing symbol is not real but rather made up of other symbols representing Gate, Sub, Sword and Flame (gate [romaji: mon]; on top),  (sub, variant of 亜 [romaji: a]; on middle), (sword [romaji: katana or ]; on left), (sword, variant of 刀; on right), and  (flame [romaji: honō] ; on bottom), all combined into one kanji.

Home video releases

Shinkenger Volume 12, DVD cover

Samurai Sentai Shinkenger DVD Volume 12 features episodes 46-49: Act 46: The Showdown Clash, Act 47: Bonds, Act 48: The Final Great Decisive Battle and Closing Act: The Samurai Sentai is Eternal.

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