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The Kyoryu Origami (恐竜折神 Kyōryū Origami) is the thirty-first episode of Samurai Sentai Shinkenger. It marks the televised debut of the Kyoryu Origami, Hyper Shinken Red, and the combination of Kyoryu ShinkenOh.


The Shinkenger are recruited by a nurse to save a sickly child held hostage by the remains of Manpuku Aburame's forces.


While Shitari worries about the recent events at the Rokumon Junk, he senses a presence and sees that the Kusare Gedoushu are still thriving. The next day in the mortal world, as Genta opens for business, he encounters a young nurse named Aya Yamasaki who pleas for the Shinkengers' aid. Taking her to the others when they were in the middle of a card game, the Shinkengers learn that a group of Gedoushu have taken a young hospitalized boy named Tatsuya Sakai hostage within the hospital. Upon their arrival, Genta stays outside the building with Aya as she eventually reveals it to be a trap. The Shinkengers make their way through the hospital's basement before being ambushed by the Kusare Nanashi. As Genta reveals that they expected the trap, the Shinkengers proceed to defeat the Kusare Nanashi when Shinken Red uses the Kyoryu Disk to transform into Hyper Shinken Red, battling with the Kyoryumaru. Being a step ahead of the Shinkengers, Azemidoro arrives with Tatsuya to force Aya to take Genta's Sushi Changer from him, kidnapping both Genta and Aya as extra insurance. Aya apologizes for helping Azemidoro, but Genta understands why she had done so as DaiTenku arrives to decimate the Kusare Gedoushu. Regaining his Sushi Changer, Shinken Gold joins Hyper Shinken Red in fighting Azemidoro while the other Shinkengers finish off the Kusare Nanashi. When Azemidoro assumes his second life, Shinkenoh and Daikaioh battle the Kusare Ayakashi and lose to him. Holding Daikaioh hostage, Hyper Shinken Red summons the Kyoryu Origami and forms Kyoryu-Shinkenoh to destroy Azemidoro. Soon after, as Aya and Tatsuya lose sight of them in an attempt to thank them, the Shinkengers head home.


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Shinkenger Volume 8, DVD cover

Samurai Sentai Shinkenger DVD Volume 8 features episodes 29-32: Act 29: The Runaway Lantern, Act 30: The Manipulated Academy, Act 31: The Kyoryu Origami and Act 32: The Ushi Origami.

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