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The Runaway Lantern (家出提灯 Iede Chōchin) is the twenty-ninth episode of Samurai Sentai Shinkenger.


Mako tries to resolve differences between Genta and Daigoyou when the lantern runs away to find someone else he can help out.


After getting into a fight with Genta over his methods resulting in him being fired for being too honest, a frustrated DaiGoyou runs away though Genta expects him to come back. After failing almost every interview because he's a lantern to show Genta up, DaiGoyou is found by Mako who tries to talk some sense into him. But after he flies off upon refusing to accept Genta's words about him, Mako is forced to join the others when the Ayakashi Dokurobou begins his attack with the team overwhelmed by the monster's shadow clones before real Dokurobou is forced to fall back as he was about to finish them off. After having her wounds tended to with the others, though Genta tells her not to meddle in his affairs, Mako finds a depressed DaiGoyou working at a yakitori cart. She then consoles him with the others watching nearby as Genta arrives and apologizes to DaiGoyou for not understanding. Once the two bury the hatchet, the Shinkengers and DaiGoyou confront Dokurobou and take all the clones with DaiGoyou's light with the real one being weakened by Shinken Gold before Super Shinken Pink finishes him off. Daikai-Shinkenoh and DaiGoyou battle the enlarged Ayakashi and overwhelm him with their teamwork before using the IkaTenku Buster to destroy him. The next day as they celebrate his return, though he attempted to control his impulses, DaiGoyou gets into another fight with Genta for not being honest with his feelings.


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Shinkenger Volume 8, DVD cover

Samurai Sentai Shinkenger DVD Volume 8 features episodes 29-32: Act 29: The Runaway Lantern, Act 30: The Manipulated Academy, Act 31: The Kyoryu Origami and Act 32: The Ushi Origami.

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