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The Lantern Samurai (提灯侍 Chōchin Samurai) is the twenty-eighth episode of Samurai Sentai Shinkenger. This episode features the full debut of Akumaro Sujigarano and the first appearance of the Secret Lantern Daigoyou.


Having gained a sushi phobia from becoming it, the Shinkenger help Genta try to get over it while Akumaro heads forth into battle to prove his power to Doukoku.


Because of the events of the previous episode, Genta has gained a sushi phobia, rendering him unable to help his teammates when they are battling the Nanashi. The other Shinkengers try to encourage Genta to get past his phobia by each braving their own worst fears. Doukoku and Shitari receive a visit from Akumaro Sujigarano, who offers his aid; Doukoku is not impressed. Genta quits the Shinkengers, promising to provide his team with a replacement. The Shinkengers deal with two Nosakamata before Akumaro destroys the monsters and personally tests the Shinkengers' fighting skills.

Confused that the Shinkengers are weaker than their predecessors, Akumaro intensifies the odds by creating a Kirigami which Takeru battles in Tenku-Shinkenoh as the vassals are overpowered by Akumaro. At the last second, Shinken Gold arrives with his newly created DaiGoyou to drive Akumaro off before enlarging DaiGoyou to take out the Kirigami. As the Shinkengers celebrate, Genta reveals that he had originally created DaiGoyou to replace him on the team and that he was nearly finished when Jii force-fed him sushi and cured him of his phobia. Ryunosuke points out that DaiGoyou acts more like a okapikki (police officer in feudal Japan) than like a samurai, causing DaiGoyou and Genta to start bickering.


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Shinkenger Volume 7, DVD cover

Samurai Sentai Shinkenger DVD Volume 7 features episodes 25-28: Act 25: The Dream World, Act 26: Decisive Match Number One, Act 27: Switched Lives and Act 28: The Lantern Samurai.

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