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Decisive Match Number One (決戦大一番 Kessen Ōichiban) is the twenty-sixth episode of Samurai Sentai Shinkenger. It features the debut of Super Shinken Blue.


Takeru is forced into having a showdown with Juzo Fuwa, but Ryunosuke stands alone in trying to stop his lord from going through with this selfish decision.


After wounding Kotoha, Dayu takes her leave as Yumebakura retreats during his fight with Shinken Blue and Shinken Green. Juzo arrives for his duel with the worn out Takeru, though Genta attempts to reason with him. A company of Nanashi emerges and Juzo promptly slains them all before they can lay a hand of the humans, leaving to give Takeru time to heal, telling him that he'll go on a killing spree that it they don't fight him. While a debate occurs at the mansion over if Takeru should accept Juzo's challenge or not, with Ryunosuke the only one against it, Juzo talks with Dayuu, striking a nerve as she decides to live with her suffering to maintain her existence. The next day, with Ryunosuke finally understanding his reasons, Takeru heads out to duel Juzo when Yumebakura resurfaces. Given the Inromaru, Ryunosuke leads the Shinkengers in battle before becoming Super Shinken Blue to defeat the Ayakashi and use Daikai-Shinkenoh to destroy him with the IkaTenku Buster. While this occurs, Shinken Red and Juzo begin their duel to the death: despite being grievously injured, Shinken Red prevails as Juzo falls off a cliff. Takeru is taken back home by the vassals to celebrate their victory and tend to his injuries.


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Shinkenger Volume 7, DVD cover

Samurai Sentai Shinkenger DVD Volume 7 features episodes 25-28: Act 25: The Dream World, Act 26: Decisive Match Number One, Act 27: Switched Lives and Act 28: The Lantern Samurai.

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