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The Heavy Cries (重泣声 Omoi Nakigoe) is the thirteenth episode of Samurai Sentai Shinkenger.


Mako must use her maternal nature when she and Kotoha must protect both their team and children who are abandoned from their families by an Ayakashi.


Hikoma finds out from the Kuroko that Mako is making dinner. Mako is seen holding a knife while she cuts an onion. Kotoha says that she is looking forward to it. Mako then searches for thinly sliced meat. But she can't find any, and says she'll have to go buy some. Later, Ryuunosuke and Chiaki are doing sit ups to make their stomachs smaller. Then, Mako goes out to buy groceries for the meal she is cooking for the Shinkengers, while the guys fear what she will be cooking for dinner. While she is out, she finds several children crying due to creatures known as the Shiro-Oniko, created by the Ayakashi Nakinakite to replace them in their parents' eyes.She begins fighting Nakinakite as the other Shinkengers arrive to assist, only for the guys to end up with Nakinakite's Aka-Oniko latching on as they begin to weigh them down the longer they cry. The guys and Hikoma do their best to keep the Aka-Oniko happy, (like Ryuunosuke pretending to be a mom) while the girls go out to cheer up the crying children by dressing up as a monkey and turtle until the injuries Mako received from the fight take their toll. As Kotoha tries comforts Mako, their work with the children caused the Sanzu River to dry up as Nakinakite resurfaced to get them. Though the two were at a disadvantage against the Ayakashi by themselves, Shinken Pink and Shinken Yellow combine their Mojikara to destroy Nakinakite by using the Tenchi no Mai (dance of earth and sky), with his creations fading away. When Nakinakite resurrects as a giant, the group forms ShinkenOh before two Aka-Oniko latch onto them. With Shinken Blue's urging, the guys form DaiTenkuu and land on the back of Nakinakite, giving him a taste of his own medicine. While he is berated for having a bad idea, the girls in ShinkenOh finish off Nakinakite as DaiTenku flies off, dissolving the Aka-Oniko. After reuniting the children with their parents, Mako returns and finishes cooking everyone's dinner with help from the Kuroko.


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Home video releases

  • The first volume of the Samurai Sentai Shinkenger Blu-Ray Box Set comes with the show's first 16 episodes, as well as the director's cut of the first two episodes, and was released on February 7th 2014 at a cost of 20,790 yen.

Shinkenger Volume 4, DVD cover

Samurai Sentai Shinkenger DVD Volume 4 features episodes 13-16: Act 13: The Heavy Cries, Act 14: The Foreign Samurai, Act 15: The Imposter and Real Deal's Arrest and Act 16: The Power of Kuroko.