This article is about a/an Gruesome Grunt in Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel.
"Yeah, but once we destroy you, we'll be even more famous than that witch!"
"That’s not fair!"
―Ackshun’s last words before his death

Ackshun was a cinematic props-themed monster and one the Gruesome Grunts. He switched bodies with Brody.

Character History

Brody in Ackshun's body and Sarah in Plasmora's body get caught by the Mummy Guards with Versix. Once Versix gets caught, he admits to switching the bodies, in reality it's Mick Kanic, disguised as Versix. When the Court Witch switches their bodies back, he is vaporized by the Pumpkin Judges.


Is a loud sqwawking and arrogant stereotypical hollywood director wannabe.


  • Ackshun is a recycled version of Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger monster Debo Kantokku (unused in Power Rangers Dino Charge).
    • The reason why Debo Kantokku wasn't adapted for Dino Charge was that he used a lot of violence and gun play in the Sentai version. Something that wasn't appropriate in U.S kid shows.
  • His name is a pun on the third word of the phrase "Lights, Camera, Action."


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