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Ace is Supersonic Red, the Red Ranger and leader of the Supersonic Rangers. He was a Xybrian.



Despite the fall of the Supersonic Rangers, their powers were preserved in the form of the Legendary Ranger Keys possessed by Gosei, apprentice of Zordon. Ultimately, their powers were inherited by the Super Mega Rangers as one of their "New Powers". As noted by Gosei, these teams had never been seen before on Earth, at least the Earth of the prime timeline, up to that point.


Heroic, dutiful, and virtuous to a fault, Ace was in many ways the ideal ranger. However, despite his outer appearance of being an ideal leader, his clairvoyant powers caused him to become arrogant, as his confidence in his powers as a seer turned into blind faith. His perception of his visions as being infallible caused him to walk right into the trap set by his teammate, Trek. 

Despite appearing as the model ranger, he often had fights with the green ranger of his team, freely insulting him in the face of the empath's accusations against him. His faith in his visions caused him to suspect that the reason why Trek was never in the versions of the missions going successfully was due to Trek's influence and cockiness, thus assuming that Trek was a magnet for failure, bringing about a habit of sidelining the glory-hungry ranger. 

Powers and Abilities

Thanks to a gem embedded in his forehead, he has the ability to see the future.

Supersonic Red


Supersonic Red

Ranger Key

FiveRed Ranger Key

Legendary Ranger Key.

The Red Supersonic Ranger Key is Ace's personal ranger key. Despite the destruction of the Supersonic Rangers, Gosei seems to possess their powers via the Legendary Ranger Keys. This key is mainly used by Troy Burrows (Super Megaforce Red) who uses it to fight as the Red Supersonic Ranger. Although it has not been used yet, it's presumed that it exists.


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