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"I've checked the future, and we've got nothing to worry about."
―Ace (wrongly) predicts the future[src]

Ace was Supersonic Red, the Red Ranger and leader of the Supersonic Rangers. He was a Xybrian that was later betrayed by his fellow teammate Trek.


Early Life

Much information relating to how Ace and his teammates became the Supersonic Rangers is largely unknown, but it was know that they were a team of Rangers that operated on the planet Xybria as Ace and the other Rangers were also Xybrians themselves. During his time as the team leader, Ace had frequent arguments with his teammate Trek concerning his decision to exclude him from most field missions.

Last Mission

After defeating some creatures that were taking some Xybrians hostage, Ace asked his team for a status report while a fellow Xybrian thanked Ace and the other Rangers for saving their lives, with him saying that there was no need to thank them as this was their job. Ace then asked Trek about any creatures that escaped, with Trek saying that everything was clear and Ace seeing in the future that there was nothing to be worried about.

Ace and the Rangers rescue some Xybrians.

The Rangers were later reunited in their base where Ace prepared them for a new mission, claiming that there was a monster inside a building with six to twelve civilians trapped inside. Once the area was cleared and they were good to engage, Ace said they'll go as a team, however, after telling Trek to stay at the base and monitor the perimeter he had another argument with him.

Betrayed and Killed

During the argument, Ace explained that they needed to follow his visions as that was the only way to win, his lover Star later stopped their argument. The five Rangers go to their mission but during the course of the operation, the building they were occupying explodes, causing heavy casualties including the Blue, Black, Yellow and Pink Rangers.

Ace's final moments.

Ace miraculously survived the explosion with severe injuries only to find Trek, he asked him for help but he revealed to Ace that he was the one who orchestrated the disaster to eliminate the team, Trek also revealed to Ace that his future sight was fooled by psionic technology meant to create false visions and prevent him from seeing his betrayal coming.

Trek called his former comrades "a bunch of self-righteous hypocrites" while declaring that he will be the one "to light the flame for any team that comes after", Ace said that he'll stop him but when Trek asked him what he saw in the future Ace revealed that he saw nothing before being killed by Trek.


Despite the fall of the Supersonic Rangers, their powers were preserved in the form of the Legendary Ranger Keys possessed by Gosei, apprentice of Zordon. Ultimately, their powers were inherited by the Super Mega Rangers as one of their "New Powers". As noted by Gosei, these teams had never been seen before on Earth, at least the Earth of the prime timeline, up to that point.


Heroic, dutiful, and virtuous to a fault, Ace was in many ways the ideal Ranger. However, despite his outer appearance of being an ideal leader, his clairvoyant powers caused him to become arrogant, as his confidence in his powers as a seer turned into blind faith. His perception of his visions as being infallible caused him to walk right into the trap set by his teammate, Trek. 

Despite appearing as the model Ranger, he often had fights with the Green Ranger of his team, freely insulting him in the face of the empath's accusations against him. His faith in his visions caused him to suspect that the reason why Trek was never in the versions of the missions going successfully was due to Trek's influence and cockiness, thus assuming that Trek was a magnet for failure, bringing about a habit of sidelining the glory-hungry Ranger. 

Additionally, Ace did not maintain discipline on his team, which resulted in his subordinates infighting against one another. 

Powers and Abilities

Thanks to a gem embedded in his forehead, he has the ability to see the future. However, his future sight could be fooled by psionic technology meant to create false visions, as a result, his powers were in fact quite fallible, leaving him and his team vulnerable to Trek's morph bomb. 

Supersonic Red

Supersonic Red

Ranger Key

The Red Supersonic Ranger Key.

The Red Supersonic Ranger Key is Ace's personal Ranger Key. Despite the destruction of the Supersonic Rangers, Gosei seems to possess their powers via the Legendary Ranger Keys. This key is mainly used by Troy Burrows (Super Megaforce Red) who uses it to fight as the Red Supersonic Ranger. Although it has not been used yet, it's presumed that it exists.


  • Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Year Two Deluxe Edition featured the team in an exclusive story "Psychotic". It was written by Trey Moore, illustrated by French Carlomagno, and lettered by Ed Dukeshire.
  • When it was asked over Twitter if the origin for the comics isn’t indicative of their origin of the TV show, brand manager Jason Bischoff said "same, but different, but same", largely indicating the story is canon either way. [1]
  • Writer Trey Moore tweeted he even has an entire bible for the team's history- however it hasn't been reviewed or approved. [2] He also says he won't likely share it as of yet in case he or other writers get to use it or so as not to stifle others when working with the team in the future.

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