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Abrakadanger is the eighteenth and penultimate episode of Power Rangers Ninja Steel. As of this episode, the Rangers can use the Lion Fire Armor and Lion Fire Zord, whenever they want as a gift from Princess Viera.


Preston must confront one of Galvanax's newest contestants after his magical spells backfire on his teammates.


The episode begins with the principal giving Preston a package just as he walks into the school. He finds out that it's from Princess Viera. Afterward, Victor begins gloating about how he is going to get the tennis trophy again this year after Hayley completely humiliated herself last time. Despite the embarrassment, Hayley still competes against Victor for the tennis trophy.

In the lair, Preston opens the package to find the Lion Fire Zord and Lion Fire Armor Power Stars and a mysterious book. A voice message from Viera explains that it's a magic book to help Preston learn some spells, but he must master each spell in order and do not skip.

Meanwhile, Hayley is busy practicing for her match against Victor later in the day. Preston uses the first spell in his magic book to help Hayley with her practice. The other Rangers show up and are impressed with Hayley's skills. He gets overexcited with the spells that he decides to turn a tennis ball invisible but ends up making Hayley invisible instead.

At the Warrior Dome, a wizard named Abrakadanger demonstrates his mastery of magic to turn a couple of Basherbots into balloons.

During the tennis match, Victor somehow easily beats Hayley and it is accidentally revealed that she is invisible. The trophy goes to Victor, but it's revealed that he used a strong robotic arm to defeat Hayley. Furious, the principle reschedules the match to happen again tomorrow, emphasizing that any cheaters will be suspended. Abrakadanger then shows up and the Rangers battle. But the monster uses his magic to turn Brody, Calvin, and Sarah into toys and sends Levi flying around the world. Preston uses the levitation spell to get rid of Abrakadanger's staff.

Back at the base, Mick teaches Preston that cutting corners is a bad idea and that he should be patient when learning things. After going through the whole book, Preston undoes the magic that he and Abrakadanger did, returning the Rangers back to normal.

Despite Abrakadanger recovering his staff, Preston defeats him using his master magic. Cosmo gigantifies him and Levi makes it back using his Bull Rider Megazord. The others form the Ninja Steel Megazord to defeat Abrakadanger. Hayley finally beats Victor during the tennis match.


Ninja Power Stars


  • Preston's spellbook was very thick and contained a lot of pages, yet it was said that there were only 10 spells in the book, and each spell only took up 1 page each, so there is no reason for the book to have been so thick.
  • Spell number ten, the “last spell”, was on an early page of the book, with many pages to go.
  • The Transform spell was worded in the spellbook as "Mrofsnart" (transform); however, when testing it, Preston used a different spell entirely: "Doof emoceb" (become food).
  • When the Rangers morphed into Ninja Master Mode, the regular Ninja Steel Megazord cockpit can be seen behind them, rather than the Dragon Formation's cockpit.
  • Akihiro “Yuji” Noguchi was incorrectly credited as the “2nd Unit Director 2nd Unit Director”. 


  • The Red Ranger doesn't assume Lion Fire Mode in this episode although he was about to.
  • The Box that the spellbook shows up in is a Dewalt drill case.

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