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"My research tells me that this is how life on Earth functions...at least, until I'm through with them. It's only a matter of time until I've learnt everything that there is to know."
―Abauta of the Research's first words when scanning over Earth and learning of our society.[src]

"There you are. I was not sure when to expect you. Call me Abauta of the Research. I predict that my research will soon bring this planet to ruin."
―Abauta when confronted by the Goseigers.[src]

"You will not interfere with my research any further!"
―Abauta when growing.[src]

"What?! I hadn't researched these!"
―Abauta reacting to Landick Brothers[src]

"If you're going to force my hand, then..."
―Abauta reacting to Landick Gosei Great and his final words before his death.[src]

Abauta of the Research (研究のアバウタ Kenkyū no Abauta) is a Zuteramedorop Alien (ズテラメドロプ星人 Zuteramedoropu Seijin) working for the Universal Annihilation Army Warstar, able to observe and research of an opponent, to avoid the same attacks his opponents make.


Abauta is a researcher who was brought to Earth by Mons Drake to study it and find the proper information to deal both with the planet and with the Gosei Angels protecting it. In his initial battle, he takes all of the Goseigers attacks in order to study their methods and see a way to defeat them.

By the time his research is completed, Abauta's decided method is to destroy the planet's plant life, thus depriving Earth of oxygen and killing all lifeforms. The Goseiger try to fight him but his study of their weapons and methods were enough to defeat all three tribes with ease. However Agri, through his studying with a farmer, uses the methods of how to pull and take care of daikon radishes to attack Abauta, ultimately slashing him with a hoeing method with his Landick Axe to damage him and take him down with the Black Attack, forcing Buredoran to grow him with the Bibi Bugs.

As a giant, Abauta realizes instantly that the weakness of Gosei Great is the legs controlled by Gosei Snake, making it attack only for Gosei Black to summon the Landick Brothers to prevent the attack from going through. Forming Landick Gosei Great, the Goseiger make quick work of the researcher and finish him off with the Landick Strike.


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Powers and Abilities


  • Beams: He can fire beams from his mouth


  • Highly Adept Mind: He uses to study and analyze all information presented to him in order to find a proper, logical solution.
  • Skilled Flyer: He is a skilled flyer.


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Behind the Scenes


Abauta of the Research was portrayed by Akio Nojima


  • Abauta's design is based on a dobsonfly and a scientist.

Concept Art


  • Abauta's name is from the film Avatar (アバター Abatā).
    • His home planet, "Zuteramedorop" (ズテラメドロプ), is an anagram of "Protohermes" (プロトエルメス) with several kana removed.


  • He is one of the several Universal Insect Monsters that were never adapted for Power Rangers Megaforce. Most of it's personality was used for Yuffo.


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