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Abare Headder

Abare Headder aún sellado

Full Abare Headder before being unsealed


Headders enabled by the Abare Headder

The Abare Headder is the dormant form of the Miracle Dragon Headder and when awaken, granted the Goseigers a new power Epic 24: Miracle Attack Goseigers, which allows them to use "Super Goseiger" as well as call on golden versions of their Gosei Headders called Miracle Headders to summon the mighty Gosei Ultimate.


10,000 years ago,the Gosei Angels who fought the Yuumajuu on Earth also sealed away the Abare Headder because it was too powerful to control.

In 2010, Buredoran, Gosei Knight and Alata sensed it's power crying out and decided to search for it. Buredoran and Semattarei devised a plan that involved luring the Goseiger's to the Abare Headder's resting place so that after the Gosieger's removed the Abare Headder, they would steal it from them; the location of the Abare Headder was surrounded by a special force field that only allowed Gosei Angles to pass through. After Buredoran got a hold of the Abare Headder, he used its immense power to knock out the Goseigers and attack the city. Because it was almost too powerful for even Buredoran to control, he needed to shock the Abare Headder with energy bolts to make it obey him. Buredoran uses the Abare Headder's power to upgrade Semattarei by making his illusions of defeated Yuumajuu beasts real. The Gosieger's notice how much difficulty Buredoran is having controlling the Abare Headder and they start to doubt if the Abare Headder is truly evil because they rationalize that if the Abare Headder really wanted to be used for destruction, it would have submit to an evil guy like Buredoran from the start instead of resisting him. Atlata takes a huge gamble by walking directly into the streams of energy being shot out of the Abare Headder's mouth and reaches out to get a hold of it. There, he connects his mind with the Abare Headder and learns that the Headder is actually scared of it's own power which is why it acts the way it does. Alata believes in it which causes it to transform into it's true form; the Miracle Dragon Headder. After, it calls upon the Miracle version of the other four Headders that have laid in slumber buried in the same location; Miracle Phoenix Headder, Miracle Snake Headder, Miracle Tiger Headder, and Miracle Shark Headder.


The Abare Headder's blade resembles the Gosei Tensword; which is fitting because the Miracle Headder's allow the Goseiger's to unlock that weapon.

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