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A Tough Nut to Crack is a comic story based on Power Rangers Megaforce, which was printed as part of the 25th issue of Panini's UK Power Rangers Magazine.[1]



At school, Troy stops a bully from hurting a small kid, He tells the kid to stay with his friends and the bully will not pick on him. Shorty, while the Rangers are outside the city gets attacked by meteors and soon Vrak's latest Monster Kometon appears. The Rangers morph and the Loogies join the party. A few minutes later after the Loogies have been defeated the Rangers get attacked by Kometon's meteors followed by a dark mist, when it clears Kometon attacks so the Rangers call on the Sky Brothers Zords for more power. The Rangers fire the Sky Blast at Kometon but it does nothing to him. The Red Ranger then tries his Solar Wind Sword Slash which defeats him but Admiral Malkor's Zombats turn him into a giant Mega Monster. The Rangers are going to need all the power they can get so they call on all of their Mechazords and combine the Ultra Gosei Great Megazord. With every Zord firing Kometon is knocked to the ground. Then, using a Multi Zord Attack, Kometon is finally destroyed. At school, the next day the Rangers see the little kid hanging with his friends and the bully leaves him alone.[2]




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