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A Season to Remember is the twenty-ninth episode and Christmas special of Power Rangers Zeo. Despite being the last episode of Zeo shown, it doesn't qualify as a finale. Instead, this episode seems to be set earlier in the series as the actual finale, "Good As Gold", featured the destruction of the Machine Empire, while this episode shows them as the antagonists. This was not a part of the Gold Ranger story arc.


As the Rangers prepare a holiday celebration, Mondo plots to use the Rangers' ethnic diversities against them.


In a house decorated for Christmas, a young boy talks about how much he loves the holidays and getting presents. His grandfather begins to tell him the story of a memorable holiday season. Ernie and Raymond were arranging a celebration of different cultures' holidays at the Youth Center, where Raymond had contributed a menorah. Kat had cooked shrimps, explaining how they celebrate Christmas with a barbecue in Australia, and wishes Billy was there; Adam recalled he was at a family reunion. King Mondo observed the celebrations and was disgusted when Klank & Orbus explained how the holidays were a time of love on Earth. Machina suggested using a way to use the different ways they celebrate the holidays against them.

The boy wonders if the king will ruin Christmas. His grandfather first tells him about two guys who were always getting into trouble: Bulk and Skull, who were trying to wrap presents in the office, with Skull managing to drop the bowling ball he was wrapping on Bulk's hand. Stone told them they had a case: Missing fruit cakes. The pair checked out the scenes of the latest disappearance. Skull wondered about his Aunt Millie, famous for making rock hard fruit cakes, while Bulk decided to search for crumbs. They began following a trail of "red and green things".

Ernie left the teens to handle the setting up. Raymond showed Tommy and Kat how the candles of the menorah were lit on the eight days of Hannukah, while Tanya told Rocky and Adam about Kwanzaa, the African-American festival named after the Swahili term for first harvest, and how the seven candles symbolize the principles they strive for. Klank reported to Mondo that he had invented a Bias Blaster which would cause people to focus on their own traditions only. Mondo detailed Sprocket to use it.

At the Power Chamber, Zordon and Alpha had also decorated for Christmas. Zordon gave Alpha a pair of bunny slippers and Alpha gave Zordon a Santa hat and necktie. Sprocket and a group of Cogs arrived at the youth center and Sprocket used the Bias Blaster on the teens. Raymond tried to continue his explanation of the menorah but Tommy was no longer interested, insisting Raymond get a Christmas tree. Rocky accused Raymond of trying to steal Christmas, causing Tanya to defend Kwanzaa, and Adam to argue that Korea doesn't even have a holiday at that time.

The grandfather tells his grandson that Zordon and Alpha had worked out what was going on but knew there was nothing they could do against the hatred and the Rangers would have to work it out for themselves. Mondo increased the tension by causing all the presents and decorations to disappear. The teens' despondent moods were interrupted by a little girl, who had done a poster for the party. Kat sadly told her there wasn't going to be a party and they explained about everything going missing. Recalling what her mother did for her when she was sad, the girl sang to them. Moved, the teens broke out of the spell and hung up the girl's poster. Mondo was furious, even more so when Klank reluctantly told him the spell had been broken by love.

Bulk and Skull reached the end of the trail: A giant fruit cake made for them by Goldar and Rito. Bulk quietly pointed out they would have to replace the fruit cakes and Skull rang his Auntie Millie.

Back at the Youth Center, Tanya and Ernie looked over the restored decorations. Raymond appeared with a Christmas tree and Tommy presented him with a new menorah, with Kat suggesting he show them how to light it. Rocky and Adam arrived having put together some new Kwanzaa candles for Tanya.

The grandfather is revealed to be Tommy and his wife, a similarly elderly Kat, notes it's time for the boy to go home. The boy's older brother arrives to pick him up. There is the familiar sound of a Power Ranger communicator, causing Tommy to look round, but it's the older grandson who is wearing one and asks if they can keep his brother for a while longer because he has something to do. He hurries out. His brother notes he's always doing that. Tommy says it must run in the family.


VHS Release[]

The episode was originally going to have a VHS release "Tis the Season to be Zeo", but it was cancelled and instead released on the VHS Power Rangers: Holiday Specials.


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