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A Rift in the Rangers is the thirty-third episode of Power Rangers in Space. It is the third episode of the Psycho Ranger arc, featuring the defeat of Psycho Pink.


Cabin fever sets in for the space-bound Power Rangers, as the girls have a quarrel over doing chores on the Megaship. Similarly, the female Psycho Rangers are feuding as well, each trying to one-up the other in attacking the Rangers. When Psycho Yellow captures Ashley during a battle, Psycho Pink is furious over being upstaged in the fight she was in charge of, and a guilt-ridden Cassie determinedly searches for her teammate.


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  • This episode marks the destruction of Psycho Pink, she returns in "Mission to Secret City" and then Lost Galaxy's "To the Tenth Power" with the other Psycho Rangers.
  • Zhane does not appear unmorphed, while Pyschos Black & Blue Don't have any lines in this episode.
  • In the Megaranger version, the reason for the sudden power drain in the Mega Voyager is due to the fact that the Megarangers were deliberately draining power from the Mega Voyager to defeat Psycho Pink's counterpart NeziPink by powering up their finisher attack, hence the glowing red effect on the V3 Missile when it was fired. The part of the Mega Winger holding off NeziPink was to buy time, unlike the Power Rangers version where Zhane held off Psycho Pink with the Mega Winger to keep her from stealing the V3 Missile.

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