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A Rift in the Rangers is the thirty-third episode of Power Rangers in Space. It is the third episode of the Psycho Ranger arc, featuring the defeat of Psycho Pink.


Cabin fever sets in for the space-bound Power Rangers, as the girls have a quarrel over doing chores on the Megaship. Similarly, the female Psycho Rangers are feuding as well, each trying to one-up the other in attacking the Rangers. When Psycho Yellow captures Ashley during a battle, Psycho Pink is furious over being upstaged in the fight she was in charge of, and a guilt-ridden Cassie determinedly searches for her teammate.


Onboard the Astro Megaship, Cassie is hard at work cleaning up the docking area while Andros and Ashley eat. As Andros leaves for the Simudeck, Ashley asks Cassie about her sheets, unaware that the latter was cleaning the area right now. Ashley was about to leave the table without cleaning up after herself, and Cassie chastises her for doing that. However, Ashley insensitively brushes the crumbs off the table onto the floor Cassie just moped up, frustrating the latter even more. That leads to an argument over responsibility as Cassie calls Ashley a lazy slob, while the latter calls her an ungrateful person over her responsibilities. The arguing is loud enough for Carlos and T.J. to hear it, but their attempts to calm the two women down fail as Cassie storms out.

At the Dark Fortress, Dark Specter wonders why Astronema has not figured out why his powers are being drained, unaware that the Psycho Rangers are linked to his powers. Astronema claims that they are searching for the traitor, and Dark Spector, none the wiser, tells her to hurry up as he does not have much time. Then, Psycho Yellow barges into the bridge claiming that she has a plan to destroy the Rangers, but Astronema orders her to leave as she wants to wait until Dark Spector is destroyed. Meanwhile, Psycho Pink is training when Psycho Yellow comes in, claiming that Astronema wants to destroy the Rangers herself, and proposes a plan to take them out first. Psycho Pink reluctantly agrees to it as long as Astronema does not find out.

Back at the Megaship, T.J. drags Ashley onto the bridge and forces her and Cassie to sit down. T.J. wants the two to talk their feud out, but that only leads to more arguing, much to the male Ranger’s annoyance. T.J. knows that they are all tired due to being on the Megaship for a long time, but before he can continue, D.E.C.A. announces that Psycho Pink has appeared in Angel Grove. The morphed Rangers arrive to see Psycho Pink and a squad of Quartrons, planning to take her Cassie as her prisoner. As the Rangers deal with the Quartrons, Psycho Pink fights against Cassie, with Psycho Yellow watching on as her plan is coming together. Psycho Pink is too much for Cassie, but T.J. and Ashley arrive to help her out. However, T.J. gets knocked down when he protects Ashley from Psycho Pink’s energy blast, making Cassie feel guilty. Soon, Cassie gets overwhelmed, and Psycho Pink fires at an old lady who suddenly arrives. Ashley goes to check on her, only for the old lady to trap her with handcuffs before revealing herself as Psycho Yellow. Psycho Yellow takes the captured Ashley back as a prisoner, angering Psycho Pink as she was promised Cassie as a prisoner. Andros forces Psycho Pink to retreat with the Battlizer, while Cassie feels remorseful of all the terrible things she said to Ashley.

Meanwhile, Psycho Yellow beats on Ashley, but before she could absorb the rest of her powers, Psycho Pink interrupts her as the deal was that both would absorb her powers. Then, Psycho Pink grabs Ashley and threatens to take her back to Astronema if they do not renegotiate the deal, but Psycho Yellow simply blasts at her teammate, compromising her energy shield as her visor cracks. Ashley takes the second to jump out of her prison and escape the two Psycho Rangers.

On the Megaship, the Rangers try to find Ashley as Cassie is still guilty over what happened while realizing that she let a simple thing like cleaning nearly ruin her friendship with Ashley. Meanwhile, Ashley hides in an industrial area, hiding from the Psycho Rangers, only for Psycho Yellow to find her. Before Psycho Yellow can do anything though, Psycho Pink comes in between the two, leading to a fight between Psycho Rangers. Take the opportunity, Ashley hides behind some barrels and taunts the two Psycho Rangers, leading Psycho Pink to blow them up on impulse. However, that was what Ashley wanted as she manages to escape the building, while Psycho Yellow leaves, believing that her counterpart is destroyed. However, Psycho Pink is not fooled, and finds Ashley, tossing her around. Suddenly, Cassie arrives in her Galaxy Glider and rescues Ashley, with T.J. breaking her handcuffs with the Astro Axe.

Cassie and Ashley fight against Psycho Pink, but the latter continues to overpower them. Fortunately, Ashley has a plan after seeing the Psycho Ranger’s cracked visor and tells Cassie to follow her lead. Ashley restrains Psycho Pink, allowing Cassie to fire the Satellite Stunner in Booster Mode at her, before finishing the job with her Battle Blade. However, Psycho Pink is not finished yet as she grows giant size and reveals her true monster form. Seeing this from the Dark Fortress, Ecliptor asks Astronema if they should stop Psycho Pink, but the latter says no as the Psycho Ranger must be burning out Dark Spector’s powers by now. The Rangers summon the Mega Voyager, but Psycho Pink proves to be even more of a challenge than before. Zhane arrives in the Mega Winger for assistance, but it is still not enough as Psycho Pink grabs the Mega Winger’s Wing Blaster with her tentacles and fires back. Before the Rangers can summon the Mega V3 Missile, Zhane tells them to let him distract Psycho Pink long enough so she does not grab it from them. As the Mega Winger tries to hold its own against Psycho Pink, the Rangers summon the Mega V3 Missile, only for the controls to freeze on them. Fortunately, the get the auxiliary power from the Mega Voyager into the Mega V3 Missile, and they fire at Psycho Pink, finally destroying the Psycho Ranger.

On the Dark Fortress, Astronema uses Psycho Pink's failure as a lesson to the other Psycho Rangers how trying to do their own thing would lead to their destruction. Although Psycho Red argues that they would have won if all of them attacked together, Astronema warns the Psycho Rangers that if any of them attack the Rangers without her permission, she will destroy them herself.

On the Megaship, the Rangers realize that destroying Psycho Pink means that their odds have improved, and begin to head back to the bridge to figure out their next plan. Before leaving, Ashley decides to clean up after herself, but that only leads to another argument. However, T.J. ends it by saying that the men will clean up, but when the women leave, it turned out they were fake fighting just to get out of cleaning.



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  • This episode marks the destruction of Psycho Pink, she returns in "Mission to Secret City" and then Lost Galaxy's "To the Tenth Power" with the other Psycho Rangers.
  • Zhane does not appear unmorphed, while Pyschos Black & Blue don't have any lines in this episode.
  • This episode title doesn't just refer to Ashley and Cassie, but also their Psycho Counterparts. This is mostly on different views. Ashley and Cassie fight about chores while Psychos Yellow and Pink fight about capturing the Rangers.
  • ARitR056.jpg
    Just like her Sentai counterpart, Psycho Yellow assumes a disguise to lure the Yellow Ranger so she can capture her easily, but, instead of disguising herself as a child (although the child's finger is briefly seen when she zapped the handcuffs into Ashley's wrists), she disguised herself as an old woman.

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