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A Reel Fish Story is the 38th episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 2 as well the 98th episode as a whole series.


Lord Zedd is inspired by Rocky's claim that he's never seen monsters at the lake before to unleash a few monsters to destroy the rangers. To make matters worse, only three of the rangers are able to respond! Worst of all, once the rangers unite against the monsters, Lord Zedd creates another monster upon the city. What will the Rangers do now?







  • Lord Zedd reanimates Rita's Slippery Shark from "On Fins and Needles", but multiple characters repeatedly call it simply "shark monster". Similarly, Zedd brings back Pirantishead from "The Mutiny"--his own creation--and refers to it only as "piranha". Commander Crayfish, from "Mighty Morphin' Mutants", is called "the cruel crayfish". Only the Goo Fish retains its original name.
  • Slippery Shark is shown brandishing its fin weapon when Zedd first reanimates him, but is not seen with it again, and does not use it against the Rangers.
  • Zedd's tube monster is never shown at normal size, as Zedd makes it grow immediately after creating it.
  • Robert Axelrod voices two different villains in this episode (Lord Zedd and Goo Fish).
  • Since Rocky volunteered he was never seen working as a lifeguard at Angel Grove Lake in another episode.
  • This is the second episode of the series, following "Something Fishy", where the Power Rangers go scuba diving.
    • It also has a very similar plot to "Something Fishy", as three of the Rangers went scuba diving (though it was Tommy, Kimberly, and Adam instead of Jason, Zack, and Trini) while the rest either have a picnic or simply hang out.
    • While Tommy, Kimberly, and Adam are scuba diving, Billy admits to Rocky and Aisha that "there was a time when [he] wouldn't go swimming", possibly referencing the story he told Kimberly in "Something Fishy", where he told her that he had been afraid of going in the water since a fish bit his finger when he was a child.


Lord Zedd: Blast, you bumbling bean-brains! If I never see another fish in my life, it'll be too soon. Oh well, what's for lunch, you ninnies?
Goldar: Large, uh... lake trout almandine.
Lord Zedd: You incredible twit! You ordered me fish?! Oh, what's the use? I'm surrounded by ninnies! Power Rangers, you'll pay for this someday!


  • Rocky tells Dougie that he's been out at the lake his whole life and never saw any monsters. However, Rocky was from Stone Canyon and had just recently moved to Angel Grove, though it's possible that he had been at the lake occasionally or on a family trip.
  • Slippery Shark, Pirantishead, and Commander Crayfish were all misnamed in this episode (as 'Shark Monster', 'Pirahna' and 'Cruel Crayfish' respectively).
  • Commander Crayfish had a different, more feminine sounding voice.
  • It is unknown why Lord Zedd would be mad about his lunch as his mask would prevent him from eating and the mask seems immovable
  • When Billy, Rocky, and Aisha are standing on the lifeguard stand right after they morph you can see a crack on Rocky's helmet being covered by clear tape.


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