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A Monster of Global Proportions is the twenty-fifth episode of the second season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and the eighty fifth episode overall.

It featured the first appearances of Tor the Shuttlezord and the Thunder Ultrazord.


The teenagers of Angel Grove host a makeshift world teen summit at Angel Grove High School in preperation for the upcoming Swiss Peace Conference. However, Lord Zedd sends Goldar and the Putty Patrol to kidnap their international guests so they can be converted into Dark Rangers]]. When that scheme inevitably goes belly-up, Zedd creates the immensely powerful Four Head monster capable of even destroying the Mega Tigerzord. Can the Power Rangers conquer this colossal calamity?!


At the Youth Center, Tommy and Kimberly discuss the 1st Annual World Teen Summit which is about to begin and wonder who will represent Angel Grove at the next summit. They are joined by Rocky, Adam and Aisha before Ernie begins the summit and Billy introduces the representatives from South Africa, China, Russia, Israel, Australia and Mexico. He also shows off a four-headed statue made by the Angel Grove art class, representing strength, wisdom, courage and vitality and mentions that the representatives will be interviewing candidates to act as representatives in Switzerland. Tamara, the attendee from Israel, thanks Angel Grove for having them there. Bulk and Skull are initially unimpressed until Bulk hits upon the thought that the six representatives might actually be the Power Rangers.

Lord Zedd is also monitoring things and hits upon the idea of using the six intelligent teens to make a group of Dark Rangers: In order to so, however, they will need the Rangers’ Power Coins, a task he entrusts to Goldar. In the park, Tommy, Adam, Rocky, and five of the summit attendees are comparing martial art styles, while Billy and Tamara are enjoying a picnic nearby. Billy asks Tamara if every girl in Isreal is as beautiful as her. Then, a group of Putties appear and Billy sends Tamara back to the Youth Center. While Tommy, Billy, Kimberly, Rocky, Adam and Aisha all battle the Putties, Goldar, Squatt and Baboo surround the other five representatives with more Putties and march them away. Bulk and Skull, still believing the teens might be Power Rangers, follow them to a cave. Bulk knows a back entrance to the cave and takes Skull to sneak inside to see what's happening. Goldar imprisons the attendees in a force field inside the cave and decrees that they now belong to Lord Zedd and that escape is futile.

While Rocky, Adam and Aisha head back to the Youth Center to look for the representatives, Tommy, Billy and Kimberly find a note from Goldar demanding the Power Coins for the representatives. They head to the Command Center where Zordon and Alpha confirm that the representatives have been captured and rescuing them must be the priority. Tommy has a plan but it needs all six Power Coins so Zordon contacts Jason, Zack and Trini.

All the Rangers morph and meet Goldar outside the cave, where Tommy hands over a box containing the Power Coins. Goldar taunts them that he has no intention to release the representatives but Billy reveals that the box doesn’t contain the real Power Coins either. The Rangers fight off Goldar and a group of Putties and free the teen ambassadors. The ambassadors are amazed to see the Power Rangers, and Tommy is surprised to learn that even people from other countries have heard of them. After they have all gone, Bulk and Skull fall to the ground from their failed attempt to get into the cave. They find the discarded box of fake Power Coins, which turn out to be chocolate. Although Bulk is first mad, he and Skull find the chocolate to be a very good consolation prize.

Zedd uses the four-headed statue to create a new monster, Four Head. The Rangers leave the teen representatives with Rocky, Adam and Aisha and confront Four Head, shooting her with the Power Blaster. Zedd grows Four Head to giant size so the Rangers summon the Thunderzords, but the Mega Tigerzord and Red Dragon Thunderzord are soon knocked down. Zordon and Alpha send Tor the Carrier Zord, who can use its shielding power to protect the other zords while using its firepower to help win the fight. Alpha presses several buttons on the Command Center console which causes Tor to appear. Four Head knocks the new Zord onto its back but the Red Dragon Thunderzord rights it. Tor then transforms into Battle Mode and fires a volley of blasts at Four Head. He opens his shell and allows the Red Dragon Thunderzord inside, protecting it from Four Head's next attack and allowing the Zord to recharge. All of the Zords then combine to form the Thunder Ultrazord which flies into the air and lands on top of Four Head, destroying her.

Later, Tommy, Kimberly, Rocky, Adam and Aisha are all in the audience at the Youth Center. Rocky, Aisha, and Adam congratulate Tommy and Kimberly on a job well done. The summit attendees give their final remarks stating that people are similar no matter where they're from, and that no problem is too big to handle if everyone works together, including bringing peace to the world. Billy gets the last word at the summit, talking about how they’ve learned that by working together they can make the world a better place, and the crowd responds with a round of applause.




  • No one is actually sure of Four Head's gender. They're just referred to as female because of thier voice.
  • Many have pointed out that this episode is in many ways a clone of the episode "Welcome to Venus Island." Both episodes have one-off side characters (Hallie and the ambassadors) who are close to the Power Rangers (Hallie to Kimberly and Trini and the ambassadors with Billy), both are inevitably kidnapped by Zedd, both are kidnapped to be turned evil, both are captured by Goldar and the Putties whilst other Putties distract the Power Rangers, both are kidnapped in the park, both hostages are contained in a forcefield, both are used as blackmail to get something from the Rangers (Tommy and the Power Coins) and both use the Power Blasters.
  • The footage of Jason answering his communicator was deleted footage from "The Wanna-Be Ranger."
  • The only member of the International Peace Committee to speak in their native language is Tamara from Israel who used the Hebrew word for hello.
    • Coincidentally, Power Rangers creators Haim Saban and Shuki Levy are Israeli-Americans so that might be where the idea came from.
  • Three shots of the Thunder Ultrazord sequence are cut from the original Dairanger footage: The formation due to Japanese writing, Tor landing on Four Head due to being considered too violent, and a closeup of Four Head's hand poking out from beneath Tor's undercarriage due to her being dead.
    • The shot of Tor's transformation from turtle to warrior mode was also cropped due to Japanese writing.


  • In the preview, it is said that the conference takes place at Angel Grove High when it is actually being held in the Youth Center.
  • Kimberly reads the random note out in both the episode and preview despite the fact that Billy and Tommy can clearly read it.
  • Four Head isn't mentioned at all in the preview although the Zord summoning shot is seen.
  • After mentioning the Power Coin ransom, narrator Dave Mallow asks “will Zedd get control of the Power Rangers?” This is despite the fact that controlling the Coins doesn't brainwash the Rangers.
  • Billy calls it an international symbol of peace which implies it was flown in from abroad but was made in the school's class. What he should have said was "a symbol of international peace."
  • Bulk makes the assumption that the international committee are the Power Rangers despite having met the Rangers several times in the past and the fact that they lack the committee's thick foreign accents.
  • It's never explained where the chocolate Power Coins came from or how they were created so quickly.
    • Likewise, there is no explanation for how Goldar was fooled, however briefly, by the fake coins when the Rangers appeared fully morphed with the real Power Coins visible in their Morphers.
      • Additionally, in “Return of an Old Friend”, the Rangers instantly de-morphed when they surrendered their Power Coins to Goldar, which he apparently forgot. Also, there are two Sabertooth Tiger coins in the box instead of one with the other replacing the white tiger coin.
  • When the Rangers use the Power Blaster on Four Head, the effect that would later be associated with the Power Cannon is shown when Four Head is struck.
  • After the Four Head is grown to giant size, there is debris visible on the ground when the Rangers summon their Zords, even though the monster wasn't shown destroying any buildings.
  • The five Rangers call for the Thunder Megazord but the Red Dragon Thunderzord and Mega Tigerzord are used instead.

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