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A Line In The Sand is the forty-first episode of Power Rangers in Space, continuing the four-episode endgame arc. It features the final appearance of the Mega Voyager.


A dark Humvee stalks each of the Space Rangers while they're on Earth in their civilian lives. It fails to capture Andros & Ashley while they're out on a date, but succeeds in taking out each of the others. With each it runs down, they're teleported to a barren desert, with no way to contact the Megaship! Even if our heroes can put the brakes on this living vehicle, known as Tankenstein, they'll have even bigger problems with its monster form.


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"Ay-yi-yi, this place is a disaster!"

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Andros and Ashley are on a date as they had just left a movie theater and Ashley asks Andros if he liked it. Making a cute remark about an intergalactic star, Andros promises Ashley to show her the star's movies as a Humvee stalks them. As they walk down the street, they see some kids playing hop scotch and they let Andros play a bit since he hasn't heard of it. After a little playing, Andros and Ashley resume walking before Ashley hears something, but Andros doesn't. As he recommends sushi for dinner, the Humvee comes at them, forcing them to run. They end up in an alleyway, where they manage to get out of the way and see the flaming tracks it left behind.

The following morning, on the Astro Megaship, Ashley and Andros tell Cassie and T.J. about their interrupted date, which T.J. remarks there are a lot of reckless drivers, but still decided to head down to Earth to warn Carlos. Carlos is in the middle of a soccer game before his soccer ball is knocked out of the park and he goes to grab it. As he grabs it, he encounters the same Humvee from last night that fires lasers at him, making Carlos vanish as the Humvee speeds over the spot Carlos was. Carlos lands in the middle of a desert and tries to contact the others, but fails.

To be continued...




  • Despite Tankenstein being made to grow in the desert, the Zord fight took place in the city.
  • It's unknown why the Rangers didn't attempt to morph after being transported to the desert.
  • For some reason Zhane didn't summon the Mega Winger to assist in the fight against Giant Tankenstein.
  • Ashley stated that, following the Mega Voyager's destruction, all the Rangers had left was the Astro Megaship, completely forgetting about the Mega Winger, although she may have been referring to her core teammates and herself.
  • During the battle, the Mega Voyager's arm vanishes between shots (due to the removal of footage of it being blasted off.)
  • Zhane called the Super Silverizer the Silver Silverizer.
  • When Mega Voyager get destroyed, the explosion look like the event of January 1986 . Power Rangers In Space A line in the Sand In  the Sand air on November 1998 witch 12 since after The Challenger Disaster .


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