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A Line In The Sand is the forty-first episode of Power Rangers in Space, continuing the four-episode endgame arc. It features the final appearance of the Mega Voyager.


A dark Humvee stalks each of the Space Rangers while they're on Earth in their civilian lives. It fails to capture Andros & Ashley while they're out on a date, but succeeds in taking out each of the others. With each it runs down, they're teleported to a barren desert, with no way to contact the Megaship! Even if our heroes can put the brakes on this living vehicle, known as Tankenstein, they'll have even bigger problems with its monster form.


Andros and Ashley are on a date as they had just left a movie theater and Ashley asks Andros if he liked it. Making a cute remark about an intergalactic star, Andros promises Ashley to show her the star's movies as a Humvee stalks them. As they walk down the street, they see some kids playing hop scotch and they let Andros play a bit since he hasn't heard of it. After a little playing, Andros and Ashley resume walking before Ashley hears something, but Andros doesn't. As he recommends sushi for dinner, the Humvee comes at them, forcing them to run. They end up in an alleyway, where they manage to get out of the way and see the flaming tracks it left behind.

The following morning, on the Astro Megaship, Ashley and Andros tell Cassie and T.J. about their interrupted date, which T.J. remarks there are a lot of reckless drivers, but still decided to head down to Earth to warn Carlos. Carlos is in the middle of a soccer game before his soccer ball is knocked out of the park and he goes to grab it. As he grabs it, he encounters the same Humvee from last night that fires lasers at him, making Carlos vanish as the Humvee speeds over the spot Carlos was. Carlos lands in the middle of a desert and tries to contact the others, but fails.

Cassie and T.J. head to the soccer field and ask where Carlos is. One of his teammates explains that Carlos went off to the woods for the soccer ball, but he never returned. This arouses suspicion from the two as they head to the woods. Cassie finds the soccer ball, and she and T.J. realize that something has happened to Carlos. The black Humvee returns and threateningly revs up its engines before speeding toward the two. Cassie and T.J. dodge the Humvee and morph. T.J. fires at the Humvee but finds that his attacks do not phase it. As T.J. runs away from the Humvee, Cassie rides on her Galaxy Glider and pulls him up. However, the Galaxy Glider soon stalls and the two are forced to jump off as the Humvee crushes the Gilder beneath its tires. As the Humvee races towards T.J. and Cassie, it fires the laser and sends them to the desert to be with Carlos.

As the trio reunite, they trade off what they learned as T.J. lays his fate with Andros and Ashley. Alpha 6 reports T.J. and Cassie’s disappearance, forcing Andros and Ashley to head down to Earth. Meanwhile, the Humvee drives up to Astronema, introducing him as Tankenstein. She orders Tankenstein to take out the two remaining Rangers.

Andros and Ashley drive through Angel Grove, only to get rear-ended by Tankenstein. Tankenstein fires at the two and stalls Ashley’s car. They leave the car and morph, jumping onto the back of Tankenstein. However, Tankenstein flings Ashley off it as Andros fires his Astro Blaster onto the hood. That does not work though, and Andros activates his Battilizer Mode. Andros fires the missiles at Tankenstein and causes the vehicle to swerve off the road. Believing that he took Tankenstein out, Andros depowers back to normal. Unfortunately, Takenstein is still active and charges at the two Rangers.

Andros and Ashley are transported to the desert, reuniting with the Rangers. Then, Carlos sees something from a distance; Tankenstein. The Rangers morph and fire at Tankenstain, but none of their attacks phase him as he fires back. As Tankenstein prepares for another run, T.J. and Carlos jump onto the back, but they are flinged off. Then, Tankenstein throws Cassie off his hood when she tries using the Satellite Stunner. Before Tankenstein could attack again, a mysterious laser blast forces him off course. It turns out to be Zhane in the Galaxy Rover, and he challenges Tankenstein to a vehicular battle. Zhane chases after Tankenstein and fires at him, finally destroying the Humvee.

As the Rangers thank Zhane for his help, Astronema says that Tankenstein is not done yet. She fires the Satellasers onto the remains of Tankenstein, reconstructing the vehicle into a giant mechanical being. The Rangers summon the Mega Voyager and fight against Tankenstein. However, Tankenstein proves to be tough as he was before, throwing the Mega Voyager around and demanding that the Rangers surrender. Andros refuses to surrender and summons the Mega V3 Missile, firing a direct attack at Tankenstein. The attack causes Tankenstein to lose his right arm, but he regenerates a new one. Tankenstein continues to attack the Mega Voyager, overpowering the Megazord to the point he severs its left arm. Then, Tankenstein ties the Mega Voyager with his cables as the Rangers assess the damages to their Megazord. Tankenstein continues to overpower the Mega Voyager, but Carlos gets their emergency power online. With the new power boost, the Mega Voyager fights back and takes Tankenstein’s sword. The Rangers stab at Tankenstein as the latter grabs hold of the Mega Voyager. The Mega Voyager fires its thrusters into the sky, taking Tankenstein with it as the latter’s circuits begin to overload. Tankenstein explodes, taking the Mega Voyager with him.

The Rangers survive the explosion and climb out of the wreckage of the Mega Voyager. Zhane drives up to check on his friends, happy that they survived Tankenstein’s explosion and are still victorious. However, it's miniature bearings as the Rangers are upset to see the Mega Voyager in ruins. With the loss of the Mega Voyager and the Delta Megazord, the Rangers only have the Astro Megazord and the Mega Winger left to defend Earth. What’s worse, Andros knows that Astronema has the same realization. Indeed, Astronema is thrilled to see the Mega Voyager destroyed, meaning the Rangers do not have the same firepower they had before. Elgar wants to tell Dark Specter the good news, but Astronema is against it. She says that the less Dark Specter knows is the better as the final confrontation is near.




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  • When TJ is running away from Tankenstein as Cassie was about to save him, viewers can see that Andros is there instead.
  • Despite Tankenstein being made to grow in the desert, the Zord fight took place in the city.
  • It's unknown why the Rangers didn't attempt to morph after being transported to the desert.
  • Ashley stated that, following the Mega Voyager's destruction, all the Rangers had left was the Astro Megaship, completely forgetting about the Mega Winger, although she may have been referring to her core teammates and herself.
  • During the battle, the Mega Voyager's arm vanishes between shots (due to the removal of footage of it being blasted off).
  • Zhane called the Super Silverizer the Silver Silverizer.


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