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A Fish out of Water is the seventh episode of Power Rangers Samurai. The episode introduces the Swordfish Disc, SwordfishZord and the mysterious character known as Deker.


Kevin is assigned the crucial task of catching the elusive Swordfish Zord in order to save the other Rangers, who have been incapacitated by the stench of the Nighlok Yamiror's breath.


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Power Discs

  • Red Samurai Ranger - Samurai (Fire Smasher), Lion + Dragon + Turtle + Bear + Ape (5 Disc Swordfish Cannon), Samurai (LionZord)
  • Blue Samurai Ranger - Catch, Samurai (Hydro Bow), Swordfish (Hydro Bow), Dragon (Spin Sword - Dragon Splash), Swordfish (Fire Smasher - Cannon Blast Mode), Samurai (DragonZord), Swordfish (SwordfishZord)
  • Pink Samurai Ranger - Samurai (TurtleZord)
  • Green Samurai Ranger - Samurai (Forest Spear), Bear (Forest Spear), Samurai (BearZord)
  • Yellow Samurai Ranger - Samurai (ApeZord)


  • This episode contains the first split-screen morph of the season.
  • Ricardo Medina, Jr.'s character Deker makes his first appearance in this episode. Medina also played the character Cole Evans, the Red Wild Force Ranger in Power Rangers Wild Force.
  • Yamiror was Destroyed
  • The episode's title is referenced in the Fish Hooks episode title of the same name.

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