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A Fish out of Water is the seventh episode of Power Rangers Samurai. The episode introduces the Swordfish Disc, SwordfishZord and the mysterious character known as Deker.


Kevin is assigned the crucial task of catching the elusive Swordfish Zord in order to save the other Rangers, who have been incapacitated by the stench of the Nighlok Yamiror's breath.


The rangers, all save for Mia, were in the common room having breakfast. Kevin was measuring his breakfast while the others watched him. Mike told kevin to eat already. Kevin replied that there's a right way to do everything within the samurai code. Mike joked that he was surprised that Kevin could even digest his food. Mia came and showed the rangers her p b & j omelette recipe. Mike made the excuse of being full. Kevin swiftly poured his breakfast and took a bite. Mike commented precision and discipline in response to Kevin's swift response to not eat Mia's cooking. Mentor rushed into the common room and gave rangers the news that the missing Swordfish zord has been spotted at Limantour beach. The gap sensor went off. Jayden gave Kevin the task of capturing the Swordfish zord while the rest went to battle the Nighlok, Yamiror.

The rangers arrive to the scene. They find a man laying on the ground with a pained expression. Mike and Emily checked on the man. Yamiror comes out. The rangers morph into action. They begin to fight. The scene changes to Kevin at the beach. Kevin used his symbol power to summon a fishing pole and putting the catch disc onto the fishing pole. Back with the rangers as they continue to battle. Yamiror blew his breath in Mike's face incapacitating him and leading him to unmorph. Jayden fought Yamiror. The girls joined just as Jayden got hit by Yamiror's poisonous breath. Yamiror easily put the girls out with his breath and left the area.

In the Netherworld, Octoroo was surprised to notice the river water was rising. Dayu questioned what today's scheme was. Master Xandred answered Dayu that it was Yamiror, the nastiest smelling Nighlok in the Netherworld. Octoroo explained how he was created.Master Xandred commented that his breath is so bad it immobilizes humans when they inhale it. Not even Master Xandreds' medicine could help. Octoroo tells dayu that the chaos he caused during his last rampage freaked humans out so much that the river rose a foot.

Kevin used multiple symbols and was beginning to feel drained. As he went to attempt again he collapsed from the exhaustion. Kevin woke up. A fisherman explained Kevin that fainted and he didn't want to leave him there in the heat. As Kevin tried to leave, he almost collapsed. Mentor Ji contacted Kevin informing him that the rangers have been poisoned and told him that the purifying oceanic powers of the Swordfish Zord could cure them and told him that he must capture it and bring it back fast.

The Nighlok returns again to terrorize people.Ji called Kevin informing of the attack. But Jayden took Ji's golden samuraizer and told Kevin to focus on his mission instead. Jayden went to fight the Nighlok despite his fever. Jayden arrived stopping the Nighlok from harming a mother and her child. Jayden told the mother to get to safety. With Kevin. Kevin was determined to capture the swordfish as he tried again and again. The fisherman catches Kevin just as he was about to fall down and gave him water. The fisherman hands Kevin his fishing pole. The scene changes back to Jayden fighting Yamiror. Yamiror fired a blast from his eyes causing Jayden to demorph. Back with Kevin. He tries again. Kevin is finally successful in capturing the Swordfish Zord. Kevin thanked the Fisherman.

Jayden continued to fight Yamiror even while unmorphed. Just as Yamiror was about to finish the job, Mike arrives kicking Yamiror away. Emily and Mia ran to Jayden. Yamiror attacks but the Dragonfolding Zord blocked the attack. Kevin then fired an arrow into the air using the Swordfish disc causing it to rain. The purifying rain healed the rangers. The rangers morphed and finished Yamiror with the fire smasher in Cannon Blast Mode using the Swordfish Disc. Yamiror grew into a mega monster. Kevin used the new Swordfish Zord and combined it to form the Swordfish Fencer Megazord. The rangers finished off Yamiror.

The rangers visited a beach. Emily and Mia dragged Mike to play in the water with them. Jayden and Kevin stood to the side.


Power Discs

  • Red Samurai Ranger - Samurai (Fire Smasher), Lion + Dragon + Turtle + Bear + Ape (5 Disc Swordfish Cannon), Samurai (LionZord)
  • Blue Samurai Ranger - Catch, Samurai (Hydro Bow), Swordfish (Hydro Bow), Dragon (Spin Sword - Dragon Splash), Swordfish (Fire Smasher - Cannon Blast Mode), Samurai (DragonZord), Swordfish (SwordfishZord)
  • Pink Samurai Ranger - Samurai (TurtleZord)
  • Green Samurai Ranger - Samurai (Forest Spear), Bear (Forest Spear), Samurai (BearZord)
  • Yellow Samurai Ranger - Samurai (ApeZord)


  • This episode contains the first split-screen morph of the season.
  • Ricardo Medina, Jr.'s character Deker makes his first appearance in this episode. Medina also played the character Cole Evans, the Red Wild Force Ranger in Power Rangers Wild Force.
  • Yamiror was Destroyed
  • The episode's title is referenced in the Fish Hooks episode title of the same name.

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