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A Drive to Win is the fourteenth episode of Power Rangers Turbo. This episode marks the first appearance of Carlos Vallerte and Ashley Hammond, with both of them later becoming Rangers in Passing the Torch Part 2.


Adam coaches the Angel Grove High soccer team, in which their star player, Carlos, needs to learn a serious lesson about teamwork. Both he and the head cheerleader, Ashley, are targeted by Divatox, who plants a detonator in the scoreboard, while the Power Rangers battle Electrovolt.


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  • The cold open uses the strong "Strike" from VR Troopers.
  • This marks the first appearance of Carlos and Ashley.
  • This episode marked the final mention of the Millennium Message, although it would get mentioned one last time in the unfilmed script for the original mid-season finale called "Rangers in Concert".
  • Ironically, when Divatox brags about how Carlos will set off her detonator, she references "Countdown to Destruction".
  • The first time one of Divatox's monsters has grown without the use of torpedoes.
  • Music from the battle scenes with Electrovolt will later be used in Beetleborgs Metallix.


  • When Bulk does backflips, the footage was merely reversed.

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