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A Deadly Quest is a comic story based on Power Rangers RPM, which was printed as part of the 70th issue of Egmont's UK Power Rangers Magazine.[1]



In the domed city of Corinth, Doctor K speaks to Colonel Truman via her computer screen, explaining that if the evil Venjix were to attack the dome it would lose power and fail. Doctor K, however, has a back-up system in mind but it requires a power cell to work which is located at the Jackson Underground Military Base in the Wasteland. Colonel Truman's son Scott and his friends Flynn and Summer morphed into Ranger Red, Ranger Blue and Ranger Yellow then in their Zord vehicles headed for the base. After finding the power cells in the underground corridors, the Rangers head back to their Zords but are attacked by Grinders. The Rangers unleash their weapons: Street Sabre, Turbo Cannon, Zip Charger and destroy the Grinders but soon flying Drones open fire and the Rangers jump to safety as the Drones hit the power cells causing a massive explosion. With the power cells destroyed, the Drones return to base and the Rangers return to the dome with undamaged power units from the Grinders they destroyed. Doctor K says they can use them instead of the power cells and Colonel Truman congratulates his son.[2]




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