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A Date with Danger is the 23rd episode of Power Rangers in Space. This episode marks the first time that Astronema went on a date.


When Astronema is attacked by one of her own monsters, Zhane comes to her rescue, and the two find that they are strongly attracted to each other, even arranging a date. But, Ecliptor's latest monster known as the Horror Bull prove to be a distraction, keeping the Power Rangers busy, and delaying Zhane's arrival at the site of his and Astronema's date.


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  • When Zhane summons his weapon, his Galaxy Glider comes instead of his weapon.
  • Two Quantrons came up behind Destructoid but didn't try to restrain him after Zhane saves Astronema. Scared or not, there is no reason to believe that they wouldn't have reacted.


  • Two versions of this episode were filmed, as scenes from the alternate version were shown on the "next time on" and "previously on" segments in episodes surrounding this one. The most notable change is that Astronema's demeanor towards Zhane is a lot tougher.
  • The movie in this episode, Star-Crossed Lovers, will be brought up again during the Lost Galaxy episode Double Duty.
  • This episode shares the title of a Dino Super Charge episode.
  • There was a deleted scene in this episode.

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