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A Chimp in Charge is the one hundred and fortieth episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. The 18th Zeo Serial Short aired before a later airing of the episode.


Katherine and Aisha help teach a chimpanzee, Kelly, to communicate with sign language for a school assignment. However, Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd turn the ape into the Sinister Simian monster to lure the Power Rangers out to fight her. Now, the Rangers have to find a way to defeat the ape monster without harming her and return Kelly back to normal.


Ms. Appleby announces her class' last assignment of the year: A ten minute presentation on any language in pairs. She reluctantly agrees that Bulk and Skull can do English, but points out they need to do more than mindlessly babble. Later, Tommy and Billy inform Aisha they're planning to do Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. Kat arrives with the assistant for her and Aisha's project: A chimpanzee named Kelly brought over by her aunt, who is lecturing at the local university. Kat and Aisha are planning to teach her basic sign language. Observing the chimp, Rita Repulsa is mainly interested in winding up Goldar about their similarity but Lord Zedd thinks it is an opportunity.

At the juice bar, Lieutenant Stone assigns Bulk and Skull to solve a theft: Bananas, which were meant to have been delivered to Ernie. Exiting, they see the four teens with Kelly, who eats a banana, and realize she could help them track down the thief. Seeing the four Rangers have taken Kelly to a secluded spot, Zedd decides to act and sends Finster and a group of Tengas down. Tommy, Billy, Kat and Aisha transform into Ninja Ranger forms to battle the Tengas, while Finster tries to shoot Kelly with a weapon that will turn her into a monster. The chimp evades him and Kat chases him off, with the Tengas also retreating.

Kat and Aisha take Kelly back to Aisha's place, but she wanders off while they are getting a snack. Bulk and Skull entice her with a banana and she leads them to a fruit seller. The fruit seller decides to adopt Kelly as a mascot, dressing her as a Rastafarian. Bulk and Skull think they have found their culprit. Furious at Finster's failure, Zedd personally turns Kelly into a monster, the Sinister Simian. Bulk, Skull and the fruit seller flee as the monster rampages through the park.

Zordon summons Kat and Aisha to join the other Rangers at the Command Center and shows them the Simian. Kat is worried about hurting Kelly and Billy suggests he could find a cure if he had a sample of her fur. The Rangers morph and teleport to the park. Kat's voice seems to calm the Simian at first, but when Billy tries to get a sample, she strikes him. After a brief battle, Kat and Aisha manage to restrain the Sinister Simian long enough for Billy to get the sample and teleport back to his lab.

Tommy, Kat, Aisha, Rocky and Adam try to keep the Sinister Simian contained while Billy works on a way to administer a cure. Zedd and Rita grow the Simian to giant size. Billy returns: He has loaded his cure in a projectile that can be fired from the Shogunzords, but hasn't had a chance to test it. The Rangers summon their Zords and battle the Simian, but Billy is unable to get a clear shot. Tommy gets the Sinister Simian's attention by having the White Shogunzord make ape-like movements that arouse her curiosity. Billy fires the projectile and the Simian shrinks away. The teens find Kelly in the park unharmed. Zedd blames Rita for the plan's failure while she argues he did no better.

Later, the six teens are at the juice bar, with Rocky and Adam congratulating Kat and Aisha on their project. Bulk and Skull drag in the fruit seller and tell Ernie they've caught the banana bandit. When Ernie gets a word in edgeways, he reveals he found the bananas: The new delivery guy put them in the freezer. The fruit seller says they'll hear from his attorney. Kelly goes over and gives Bulk a kiss.




  • When working on the antidote, Billy told Zordon he was still trying to find a way to deliver it. However, the projectile that he would later use was already in front of him.
  • When Billy talks about hitting the right spot, the shot is mirror-flipped (as evidenced by the control panels on the Shogun Zord's cockpit being on the opposite walls to normal).
  • Billy states that the projectile has to hit close to Kelly's heart, as this is "where memories are kept". However, any scientist, especially one as intelligent as Billy, would know the heart is not responsible for the storing of memories.
  • When Kelly returned to normal size, she was wearing none of the items the fruit stand owner had given her.
  • Zedd laughed at Rita telling her this was what happened when she tried to take over Earth alone, however, he'd had an active role in the plan.
  • At the beginning of the episode, Kat is seen in the classroom with the other Rangers getting the last assignment of the school year, despite it being said in A Ranger Catastrophe, Part II that Kat would start school in the fall. It also brings into question whether the Rangers are on summer break or not, as they are shown being in and out of school.


  • This is last episode to use the Ninja Ranger forms.
    • This is also the third and final episode where Kat calls to use the Ninja Ranger forms. Curiously, she gives the call even though Tommy is present.
  • This is the last appearance of Ms. Appleby in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. She makes her only Power Rangers Zeo appearance in A Brief Mystery of Time, though archive footage of her is used in There's No Business Like Snow Business Part I.
  • Apart from the "powering up" shots, the Zord fight is entirely American-produced footage. In Kakuranger, the monster was defeated by the Battle Borgs.
  • Finster references King Kong.
  • Ironically, Bulk and Skull later come to understand a whole lot more about chimpanzees when they are each transformed into one during the first half of Power Rangers Turbo.
  • Katherine takes a hit from one of Rita's and Zedd's monsters as did previous Rangers and onward so.
  • This is the only episode where one of the Rangers confront Finster.
  • Bulk makes a joke about Kelly being Tommy's twin brother  This foreshadows Tommy's encounter with his actual brother, David Trueheart, in Power Rangers Zeo'Challenges.
  • A chimpanzee's natural diet does not include bananas.  Bananas are native to southeastern Asia.  Chimps normally eat termites, other invertebrates, small vertebrates, flowers, leaves, seeds, and especially the fruit of the Strychnos spinosa tree.

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