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A Calm Before the Storm is the thirty-seventh and penultimate episode of Power Rangers Time Force and the setup for the three-part finale "The End of Time".


Though Ransik is concerned about his running out of mutants, it's cause for celebration, at first, for the Rangers. But realizing the four from the future will soon be returning home brings down the mood. The team reflects on the events leading them to where they are now. Wes goes to Bio-Lab, hoping to convince his father to cease production on the Trizirium Crystals. Has his near-death experience changed him enough to listen to reason? And meanwhile, as Frax prepares his ultimate creation, he unleashes an appetizer in the form of Max Axe.


In the Cryo Prison Ship, Ransik searches for any more mutant prisoners to use against the Rangers but finds no more canisters in the freezers. To frustrate him even further, Nadira announces that even the X-Vault is empty, confirming that they have no more mutants at their disposal. At the Clock Tower, Trip confirms the same thing to the rest of the Rangers, meaning the only mutant they have left to capture is Ransik himself. While most of the Rangers are excited at the prospect of their mission nearly being competed, along with all of them but Wes going home soon, Jen does not celebrate with them, feeling conflicted by the news.

Jen walks out to the rooftop as Wes joins her after taking notice of her leaving the room. Wes asks Jen if she is going to miss everything the year 2001 has to offer, and she said she will before asking him what he would miss. Wes admits that he will miss Jen being hard on him, recalling that she did not want him on the team when they first met after their first fight against Ransik. Wes told Jen that it was because of her that he learned how to fight for something, while she said she learned how good of a friend he was to her. Afterwards, Wes admits to Jen that he is going to miss both her and the rest of the team.

Back downstairs, Katie and Lucas are eager to return to the year 3000 as they get to see their loved ones and go back to their hobbies respectively. However, Trip admits that he is going to miss Silver Hills and everything it offered. That caused Katie and Lucas to remember the failed prisoner escort of Ransik back in the year 3000, resulting in them following him and the mutants to the year 2001. Then, they recalled how Wes gave them the Clock Tower to live in, and what they consider their home. Afterwards, Katie and Lucas admit to Trip that he is right, they will miss the year 2001. Meanwhile, Frax is hard at work on his newest creation before placing a Trizyrium Crystal into the machine.

At Bio Labs, Dr. Zaskins comes to Mr. Collins with news about a breakthrough in their research. He opens the briefcase and explains that a powder they once thought to be useless has the molecular structure to create crystals out of it. Mr. Collins takes out one of the formed crystals as Zaskins explains that one crystal could potentially power an entire city. Mr. Collins is impressed by the potential of the crystals, but Eric becomes visibly worried by the news. Eric drives to the Clock Tower and tells Wes and Jen the news, revealing that Bio Labs is creating Trizyrium Crystals. That worries Jen as they should not have been made until 100 years from now, and Eric tells Wes that it is time to talk to his father. Before leaving, Wes thanks Eric for the information. Meanwhile, Frax has completed his newest robotic creation, Mad Axe, and sees it rise.

As Wes waits for Mr. Collins at Bio Labs, he recalls the times he and his father did not see eye to eye about his future, the time the latter discovered he was the Red Ranger during the fight against Univolt, and how they reconciled after his near-death experience against Ransik. Wes tells Mr. Collins the truth about his friends, how they came from the year 3000, and about their mission to take in Ransik. Then, Wes asks Mr. Collins to stop production on the Trizyrium Crystal as inventing it now could lead to disaster. Before he could get an answer from his father, Jen calls Wes and tells him about there being trouble in the city, forcing the latter to leave.

Mad Axe attacks the city and civilians as the Silver Guardians arrive to take on the Cyclobots while Eric morphs. Wes meets up with the other Rangers already morphed, expressing confusion as he thought they captured all the Mutant criminals. However, Frax makes his presence known by firing at them, revealing Mad Axe to them, but refuses to let them get past him. The Rangers fight against Frax, but even with a 5 to 1 advantage, he is too powerful for them. Meanwhile, Eric takes on Mad Axe and attacks with the Blizzard Slash. In response, Mad Axe grows giant-sized, forcing Eric to summon the Q-Rex and transform it into the Quantasaurus Megazord. The Quantasaurus Megazord manages to push Mad Axe around, but it is not enough to fully take him down. So, Eric turns the Quantasaurus Megazord back to the Q-Rex and launches a powerful blast at Mad Axe with both his Quantum Defender and the Q-Rex’s cannons, destroying the robot. Seeing this, Frax is dismayed to see his new creation destroyed, but while the Rangers try to apprehend him, he simply knocks them aside and fires at them. Frax tells the Rangers that they got lucky this time, but warns them that he has something deadlier in store for them before teleporting away. Meanwhile, Ransik, after seeing the battle from the rooftops, orders Gluto to find Frax and his lab.

Later that day, Eric comes back to the Clock Tower and gives Wes the briefcase containing the materials required to make the Trizyrium Crystals as Mr. Collins decided to halt production on it. This pleases Wes as Eric takes his leave. Just then, Trip brings Wes back upstairs as Alex has important news for them. He tells the Rangers that their mission is nearly over and that only Ransik and Frax are left to deal with. Tri says they already know that as that means they can go home after dealing with them, but Alex says that is not the case. According to the history books, while they save the future, they do not survive the battle, showing them the time holes destroying the city.



  • When the Rangers say that only Ransik remains to be captured, they seem to forget that Gluto is yet to be captured. They seem to forget about Frax and Nadira as well.


  • If word places were changed, the end result is "Storm Before the Calm", which is the final episode of Ninja Storm.
  • When Wes flashed back to when he talked with his recovering father in the hospital room, an alternate take of the scene is used for reasons unknown.
  • Mr Collins learns the truth about the origin of the Time Force Rangers, that they are from the future (year 3000)

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