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"You're second-best."
―A-Squad Pink Ranger[src]

This unnamed Pink Ranger was a member of the A-Squad Rangers.


The Pink Ranger and the rest of the A-Squad were supposedly lost on Gamma 4, but in reality they had betrayed Space Patrol Delta in preference of joining Emperor Gruumm by their own will. They actually attacked the colony of Gamma 4 and then sent a distress call, to which the B-Squad Rangers answered.

Once back at SPD, the A-Squad showed their true colors and took in Anubis Cruger as their prisoner to Gruumm. She and the A-Squad then called out the B-Squad Rangers and did battle with them. Throughout the battle, she and the A-Squad Rangers were confident they could defeat the "second choice" B-Squad, and were winning at first. She fought Syd for most of the battle, since they both were Pink Rangers.

After Jack Landors and the others used their S.W.A.T. Mode, however, they were able to beat A-Squad. This then led to a Zord battle, which the A-Squad lost to the S.W.A.T. Megazord, but not before they destroyed the B-Squad's Delta Squad Megazord. Following this, they were arrested and the A-Squad position was retired after a vote from the B-Squad.

Pink A-Squad Ranger


Ranger Costume


  • S.P.D. Enforcer


Delta Runner 5


  • She is the second Pink Ranger that doesn't wear a skirt, the first being Sydney Drew, the S.P.D. B-Squad Pink Ranger.
  • The helmets for A-Squad were based off the suits for Power Rangers in Space.
  • Motoko Nagino, A-Squad Pink's actress, also served as her stunt actress during battles. Nagino is the wife of Koichi Sakamoto, long-time PR stunt coordinator and executive producer, and she has served as in-suit stunt actress for quite a few female Rangers during the Disney era.
  • Like the other A-Squad Rangers, she is to date the only Pink Ranger to willingly turn evil.
  • This ranger was given the name 'Rachel' by a rangerboard user 'Merlin'. Supposedly, the name is accepted in general fandom[1].


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