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The Blue Ranger is an unnamed member of the A-Squad Rangers. He was a walrus-like multi-eyed alien and the only member of the team to be an extraterrestrial.





The A-Squad in their distress call.

Him and the rest of the A-Squad Rangers used their Delta Squad Megazord to defeat a giant robot, the aftermath of the fight was later cleaned up by the B-Squad. Tvicon TV STORY-Beginnings Emperor Gruumm, leader of the Troobian Empire, sent his troops into the Helix Nebula, the A-Squad was also sent to the nebula in order to stop Gruumm's forces. Tvicon TV STORY-Confronted

The A-Squad then sent a garbled distress signal as the team was overrun. As SPD failed to find the A-Squad, Anubis Cruger feared they'd been killed in action while the B-Squad operated as Earth's Rangers in the meantime. Tvicon TV STORY-Walls In reality, the Blue Ranger and his team had betrayed Space Patrol Delta in preference of joining Emperor Gruumm by their own will. They later attacked the colony of Gamma 4, whose inhabitants send a distress call. Tvicon TV STORY-S.W.A.T.


Later, the squad faked having crashed on Gamma Orion and were "rescued" by the B-Squad. Once they were back at S.P.D., the A-Squad showed their true colors and took in Cruger as their prisoner to Gruumm. Tvicon TV STORY-Resurrection

A-Squad Blue Defeat

The Blue Ranger is defeated by the B-Squad.

He and the A-Squad then called out the B-Squad Rangers and did battle with them. Throughout the battle, he and the A-Squad Rangers were confident they could defeat the "second choice" B-Squad, and were winning at first. After Sky Tate and the others used their S.W.A.T. Mode however, they were able to beat the A-Squad. This then led to a Zord battle, which the A-Squad lost. Following this, they were arrested and the A-Squad position was retired. Tvicon TV STORY-Endings


The A-Squad Blue Ranger and the other A-Squad Rangers were briefly freed from their prison on planet Y37 by the Alliance in an attempt to recruit them in 2027, but later he and the other A-Squad Rangers are free from their imprisonment by "The Leader".

Later, the A-Squad infiltrates the watchtower and harasses the guard, the HyperForce Rangers discuss the best way to infiltrate the facility. Ignoring the conversation, Vesper throws caution to the wind and lets out the battle cry of "Leeroy Jenkins", Vesper uses one of her bombs to injure the A-Squad. The A-Squad Rangers attempt to retaliate, but are blinded by the smoke. Using the smoke cloud from the exploded bomb to their advantage, the A-Squad Blue Ranger and Charlie are knocked and unconscious by Eddie Banks the Hyperforce Blue Ranger.

The A-Squad Rangers are recaptured by Lina Song the then current S.P.D. Green and the HyperForce Rangers and the unnamed S.P.D. Green Ranger contains the five A-Squad Rangers in cards. Tvicon TV STORY-Homecoming


The A-Squad Blue Ranger was willing to betray S.P.D. and Earth to join Gruumm, whom he and his team considered the winning side.

A-Squad Blue Ranger


Ranger Costume

Powers and Abilities


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  • S.P.D. Enforcer










Behind the Scenes



  • The alien head was designed by Greg Aronowitz, who claimed that he had to fought hard to get an alien as a Ranger due to Disney feeling that it could alienate audiences.[1]


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  • He is the first non-human Blue Ranger since Cestro of the Aquitian Rangers.
  • Like the other A-Squad Rangers, he is to date the only Blue Ranger to willingly turn evil.
  • Greg Aronowitz, for his part, supposedly referred to Blue as “The Warrus” while sculpting him. [Citation needed]
  • The Power Ranger helmets for A-Squad were repainted versions of the helmets for Power Rangers in Space.
  • This Ranger was given the name 'Beevor' by a rangerboard fan 'Merlin'. Supposedly, the name is accepted in general fandom.[2]
    • Greg Aronowitz has since also referred to the character as Beevor.[1]
    • In Power Rangers HyperForce, Malika Lim planned to establish the fan-names as canon, but did not get the chance to do so. [Citation needed]
    • He is the only A-Squad Ranger to visibly be an alien.
  • During the fight between Sky and the A-Squad Blue Ranger, Beevor never grunts, screams, laughs, or speaks at all. However, Nick Kemplen was credited as his voice actor.


Power Rangers Deck-Building Game

Power Rangers Deck-Building Game Asquad Blue Ranger

A-Squad Blue Ranger in Power Rangers Deck-Building Game.

A-Squad Blue Ranger appears in the board game Power Rangers Deck-Building Game. He is available in the "S.P.D. To The Rescue Pack" expansion.

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