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The A-Squad's Megazord was a special Megazord-like robot given to the A-Squad Rangers by Broodwing for his endgame.


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Prior to this and A-Squad going rogue, they use the Delta Squad Megazord, which they later destroy and badly damage the Omegamax Megazord using this machine. In retaliation for this defeat, S.P.D.'s B-Squad utilize the S.W.A.T. Megazord to smash and destroy the A-Squad's Megazord before imprisoning them in Containment Cards as they are judged guilty by Jack Landors.

Powers and Abilities[]


  • Forehead Lightning Blasts: The A-Squad's Megazord was able to fire yellow lightning from the center of its forehead. A single blast forced the Omegamax Megazord and the Delta Squad Megazord to stagger back. When fired at point blank range, a single blast took down the Omegamax Megazord with one hit.
  • Chest Lightning Barrage: The A-Squad's Megazord could fire a massive barrage of yellow lightning from its chest. This is its strongest and finishing attack as a single strike annihilated the Delta Squad Megazord.
  • Drill Mode: The A-Squad's Megazord had the ability to assume a Drill Mode.


  • Strength: The A-Squad's Megazord had incredible strength, capable of smashing the Delta Sword with one swing. After Broodwing deployed in the Delta Command Megazord, it easily held both it and the Omegamax Megazord in place.
  • Armor: The A-Squad Megazord had extremely thick armor, proving to be completely immune to the charged up Delta Blaster and just walking through it.


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  • Clawed Fists: The A-Squad's Megazord had enormous hands with golden claws that it could use to hack and slash his enemies and smash the Delta Saber.

Behind the Scenes[]


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