A-Squad's Megazord

The A-Squad used a Megazord against the B-Squad in the 37th episode "Endings Part I" of Power Rangers S.P.D.


Prior to this, they used the Delta Squad Megazord, which they later destroyed, and badly damaged the Omegamax Megazord, using this Megazord. In revenge for this defeat, S.P.D. B-Squad utilized the S.W.A.T. Megazord to destroy the rogue A-Squad's Megazord before imprisoning them in the containment cards as they were judged guilty by Jack Landors.


Interestingly, the A-Squad's Megazord actually can be transformed into Broodwing's drilling vehicle during its assembling image and it can fire strong energy blasts. Moreover, there are S.P.D. decals inside the Megazord's cockpit due of its design is made from S.P.D.; however, its outward appearance is heavily modified to fit into the Troobian Empire.

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