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"Kakuranger! Today I, Kyubino-Kitsune, will have my way with you!"
―9-Tailed Kitsune's first words
"I wanted to live.....and deceive even more humans!"
―9-Tailed Kitsune's final words before her death
"Curse you! I'll become a giant, then!"
―9-Tailed Kitsune's first words enlarging herself
9-Tailed Kitsune

9-Tailed Kitsune's transformation

9-Tailed Kitsune (キュウビノキツネ Kyūbi no Kitsune, 40): A female yokai clad in lingerie who resembles a giant fox with nine tails.

Character History

She was hired by Daimaou to kidnap children and ransom them for large sums of money. She would then keep the children, repeating the process, until she had enough money to buy a city for the Youkai. She also has dreams of living in a mansion, presumably as mayor of the city. She is destroyed by Samuraiman and Super Kakure Daishogun. Ep. 40: The Heisei Fox Battle

Though unseen, 9-Tailed Kitsune's spirit presumably emerged within the Seal Door along with all the other defeated Yokai, after their master Daimaou was finally contained there by the Kakurangers. Reeling that they were now powerless in captivity, the Yokai all vowed that they would one day be reborn and regain their power, cursing humanity. Final Ep.: Sealing!!


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Modus and Arsenal

  • She could teleport.
  • Had two weapons:
    • A shotgun
    • A fox tail-themed katana.



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Behind the Scenes

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