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5th Period: Supplementary Exam (追試 Tsuishi) is the fifth and final episode of From Episode of Stinger, Uchu Sentai Kyuranger: High School Wars, released exclusively on the DVD release of the mini-series.


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  • The instructors who taught Kotaro are all played by and named after Super Sentai suit actors, both the current Kyuranger ones, and past Sentai ones, with them all having taught him moves performed by their characters.
    • Instructor Takada taught him a throw performed by Kyoryu Blue. Instructor Takada also does Kyoryu Blue's roll call pose, with the "STEGOTCHI!" sound from the Stegotchi Zyudenchi being heard.
    • Instructor Shimozono taught him a series of kicks performed by Kyoryu Violet. Instructor Shimozono also does Kyoryu Violet's roll call pose, with a shooting sound from the Gaburevolver being heard.
    • Instructor Gomi taught him flips and a kick performed by Zyuoh Shark. Instructor Gomi also does Zyuoh Shark's roll call pose, with the "SHARK!" sound from the Zyuoh Changer being heard.
      • After that, Instructor Gomi also did a salute that almost resembled the team salute done by the Kyurangers and Ryoko Gomi's eventual role as Patren 3gou.
    • Instructor Kusano taught him some kicks performed by his teammate, Kajiki Yellow.
    • Instructor Kamio taught him a series of slaps and kicks performed by Mega Pink. Instructor Kamio also does Mega Pink's roll call pose, with the cellphone sound of Mega Pink in the background.
    • Instructor Fukuzawa taught him the swordplay of Shinken Red and Gokai Red. Instructor Fukuzawa also did Shinken Red and Gokai Red's roll call poses, with a taiko drum being heard when he did Shinken Red's.

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