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Mama D

Mama D

"Remove the leader. The rest will fall like dominoes."
―Mama D[src]

Mama D is the Space Pirate mother of Divatox and General Havoc, and grandmother of Elgar. She, in a holographic transmission, considered Divatox the worst of their clan during Divatox's sleep. When asked for motherly advice from Divatox in her sleep, Mama D told her that the Power Rangers would fall if Divatox could "remove the leader" (in this case, Tommy). When Divatox's Piranhatrons captured Tommy, Divatox had him hanging from the ceiling as Mama D arrived and suggested she torture Tommy with the Vortex of Eternal Doom and Sorrow (to which she had banished the patriarch of the pirate clan and her husband), and threaten to drop him inside it. However, T.J. Johnson rescued Tommy while the others fought and defeated Flamite. While in her bed later that night, Divatox is told by Mama D that Tommy survived and that Divatox always messes up in her family of Space Pirates.


Unknown Husband

Divatox: Daughter

General Havoc: Son

Elgar: Grandson


  • Mama D's real name is unknown. Whether her name actually starts with a D or if Divatox refers to her as such because she raised her is unknown.
  • She has live snakes as hair, like Medusa, the Gorgon of Greek mythology.
  • She was portrayed by actress Carol White.
  • According to Amit Bhaumik, it's possible but not guaranteed that she, along with other minor villains like Count Dregon, survived being hit by the Z-Wave. It's unknown whether she would have been featured in Hexagon or not.[1][2].


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