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Gekisou Sentai Carranger (激走戦隊カーレンジャー Gekisō Sentai Kārenjā, translated into English as Racing Squadron Carranger) was Toei's 20th production of the Super Sentai television series. Its footage was used in the American Power Rangers Turbo. Carranger was unique in its nature, due to being a Sentai series that is portrayed as a parody of the Sentai genre itself.

On January 6, 2017, Amazon listed pre-orders for the US DVD release of Carranger by Shout! Factory for an April 25, 2017 release.[1][2] This makes Carranger the fifth official US release of a Super Sentai Series.


Dappu, a young alien from the planet Hazard, is forced to leave his home after it is destroyed by the Universal Reckless Driving Tribe Bowzock, a gang of wild thugs who run rampant throughout the universe by causing chaos on planets before ultimately blowing them up. Dappu has knowledge of "Carmagic", a special magic connected to five "car constellations" that give great power. When the Bowzock decide their next target of destruction as Earth, Dappu discovers the power of the five constellations within five beings on the planet, who possess Carmagic within them and the ability to harness the power into becoming the Gekisou Sentai Carranger which can stand up to the space thugs. The five turn out to be five workers at the Pegasus Garage who unknowingly had chosen these constellations as their "dream cars" they ultimately wish to build. When Dappu enters into their lives, they are forced to become the Carranger and stand up to the Bowzock...whether they want to or not!

As battle with the Bowzock escalates, the Carranger's problems become aggravated as many unknown, unexpected factors enter into the conflict, including an alien officer with an obsession with traffic safety greater than the team, a malicious instructor, a troublemaking alien fangirl and even a villain falling for a member of the team! Yet with all the crazy factors and problems they face, everything eventually comes to be tied together towards one force: an interstellar mastermind with a twisted plot regarding the Earth's destruction!



Carrangers-white racer

The Carrangers (including White Racer)

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Red Racer Kyosuke Jinnai
Blue Racer Naoki Domon
Green Racer Minoru Uesugi
Yellow Racer Natsumi Shinohara
Pink Racer Youko Yagami

Other Heroes


Signalman and VRV Master

Signalman Signalman
White Racer Radietta Fanbelt
VRV Master VRV Master


Space Bosozoku Bowzock


  • Meow BarriCar
  • Ziyoki BarriCar
  • Moo BarriCar
  • Pao BarriCar
  • Oink BarriCar

Evilmagic Mecha



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Carmagic System

Legend:◆ piloted mecha, ➲ carrier mecha, ● other mecha



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Every title in this series refers to various aspects connected to driving a car, from traffic safety to maneuvers done while driving to merely a mention to cars in general.

  1. Ep. 1: Fighting for Traffic Safety (戦う交通安全 Tatakau Kōtsū Anzen)
  2. Ep. 2: Dancing Noise Pollution (踊る騒音公害 Odoru Sōonkōgai)
  3. Ep. 3: The Beginner's Mark of Justice (正義の初心者印(マーク) Seigi no Shoshinsha Māku)
  4. Ep. 4: A Red Light to Enlarging (巨大化に赤信号 Kyodaika ni Anshingō)
  5. Ep. 5: Up Ahead, Gekisou Fusion (この先激走合体 Kono Sen Gekisō Gattai)
  6. Ep. 6: We are... One-Way Traffic (私達…一方通行 Watashitachi... Ippōtsūkō)
  7. Ep. 7: Blue Has No Entry?! (青(ブルー)は進入禁止?! Burū wa Shinnyū Kinshi?!)
  8. Ep. 8: Transformation Brace Lost (変身腕輪(ブレス)不携帯 Henshin Buresu Fukeitai)
  9. Ep. 9: A U-Turn to the Stars (星(スター)へのUターン Sutā e no Yū Tān)
  10. Ep. 10: A Great Reversal!! Bicycle Training (大逆転!! 自転車教習 Dai Gyakuten!! Jitensha Kyōshū)
  11. Ep. 11: The Overweight of Fury (怒りの重量オーバー Ikari no Jūryō Ōbā)
  12. Ep. 12: The Signalman Who Came From Space (宇宙から来た信号野郎 Uchū Kara Kita Shingō Yarō)
  13. Ep. 13: Dispatch!! The Proud Emergency Vehicle (出動!! 自慢の緊急車両 Shutsudō!! Jiman no Kinkyū Sharyō)
  14. Ep. 14: Full Acceleration to Hellish Lightning (雷地獄へフルアクセル Ikazuchi Jigoku e Furuakuseru)
  15. Ep. 15: Evil With a Learner's Permit In Love (悪まで仮免恋愛中 Aku Made Karimen Ren'ai Naka)
  16. Ep. 16: Bad Wisdom, Merging Caution (ワル知恵合流注意 Waru Chie Gōryū Chūi)
  17. Ep. 17: Wearing Authority, Head-On Collision! (押し着せ正面衝突! Oshi Kise Shōmenshōtotsu!)
  18. Ep. 18: A Lying Heart Under Adjustment (うそつきハート整備中 Usotsuki Hāto Seibi Naka)
  19. Ep. 19: The Hit-And-Run Girl In Love! (恋のあて逃げ娘! Koi no Atenige Musume!)
  20. Ep. 20: Test Drive the Ultimate Famous Cars!! (試乗最高の名車!! Shijō Saikō no Na Kuruma!!)
  21. Ep. 21: The Carnavi That Surpassed Carnavi (カーナビを超えたカーナビ Kānabi o Koeta Kānabi)
  22. Ep. 22: The Tragic Traffic Rule Habit (悲劇の交通ルール体質 Higeki no Kōtsū Rūru Taishitsu)
  23. Ep. 23: Overheating For a Princess (王女様にオーバーヒート! Ōjosama ni Ōbāhīto!)
  24. Ep. 24: Urgent Launch?! New Leader (急発進?! ニューリーダー Kyū Hasshin?! Nyū Rīdā)
  25. Ep. 25: The Mysterious Intruding Girl! (ナゾナゾ割り込み娘 Nazonazo Warikomi Musume!)
  26. Ep. 26: The Nonstop Home Delivery Weapon (ノンストップ宅配武器 Nonsutoppu Takuhai Buki)
  27. Ep. 27: The Crossroads of Transferring Away From Home... (単身赴任の分岐点… Tanshinfunin no Bunkiten...)
  28. Ep. 28: Farewell, Signalman!! (さらば信号野郎!! Saraba Shingō Yarō!!)
  29. Ep. 29: The Unexpected Great Monster Accident!! (予期せぬ大怪獣事故!! Yoki Senu Daikaijū Jiko!!)
  30. Ep. 30: A Shocking Debut! Working Cars!! (衝撃のデビュー! はたらく車!! Shōgeki no Debyū! Hataraku Kuruma!!)
  31. Ep. 31: It's a Full Model Change! VRV Robo (フルモデルチェンジだ! VRVロボ Furu Moderu Chenji da! Bui Aru Bui Robo)
  32. Ep. 32: RV Robo's Wrong-Way Run! (RVロボ大逆走! Aru Bui Robo Dai Gyakuhashi!)
  33. Ep. 33: Awaken! Gekisou Dapp (おめざめ! 激走ダップ O-mezame! Gekisō Dappu)
  34. Ep. 34: Meddling in Love, the Intruding Girl (恋の世話焼き割り込み娘 Koi no Sewayaki Warikomi Musume)
  35. Ep. 35: The Traitorous Signalman (裏切りの信号野郎 Uragiri no Shingō Yarō)
  36. Ep. 36: The Suspicious Exhaust Purging Operation (怪しい排ガス一掃作戦 Ayashii Haigasu Issō Sakusen)
  37. Ep. 37: The Dreadful Universal Highway Project (恐怖の大宇宙ハイウェイ計画 Kyōfu no Daiuchū Haiwei Keikaku)
  38. Ep. 38: Back Alright!? Imo-Youkan Life (バックオーライ!? イモヨーカン人生 Bakku Ōrai!? Imo-Yōkan Jinsei)
  39. Ep. 39: I Love Roads!! The Space Pet (道路好き好き!! 宇宙ペット Dōro Sukizuki!! Uchū Petto)
  40. Ep. 40: Naniwhatever Anyway, A Scramble Intersection Robo!? (浪速ともあれスクランブル交差ロボ!? Naniwa Tomoare Sukuranburu Kōsa Robo!?)
  41. Ep. 41: The Reckless Dash Emperor's Frightful Fuel Check (暴走皇帝戦慄の燃料チェック Bōsō Kōtei Senritsu no Nenryō Chekku)
  42. Ep. 42: Engine Stall On All Cars! Desperate Situation for the Giant Robo!! (全車エンスト! 巨大ロボ絶体絶命!! Zen Kuruma Ensuto! Kyodai Robo Zettai Zetsumei!!)
  43. Ep. 43: Merry Carmagic Christmas!! (メリークルマジッククリスマス!! Merī Kurumajikku Kurisumasu!!)
  44. Ep. 44: The Persistently, Wacky Gekisou Chase! (不屈のチキチキ激走チェイス! Fukutsu no Chikichiki Gekisō Cheisu!)
  45. Ep. 45: The Starting Point of True Love (ホントの恋の出発点 Honto no Koi no Shuppatsuten)
  46. Ep. 46: Suddenly Ineffective!? Transformation Power (突然失効!? 変身パワー Totsuzen Shikkō!? Henshin Pawā)
  47. Ep. 47: Hit and Break!? The Death-Defying Space Drive (当って砕けろ!? 決死の宇宙ドライブ Atte Kudakero!? Kesshi no Uchū Doraibu)
  48. Final Ep.: Forever Traffic Safety!! (いつまでも交通安全!! Itsu Made mo Kōtsū Anzen!!)


  1. Gekisou Sentai Carranger vs. Ohranger (激走戦隊カーレンジャーVSオーレンジャー Gekisō Sentai Kārenjā tai Ōrenjā)
  2. Denji Sentai Megaranger vs. Carranger (電磁戦隊メガレンジャーVSカーレンジャー Denji Sentai Megarenjā tai Kārenjā)


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  • The commercial sequence for Carranger, or "Eyecatch", showing a Ranger Vehicle racing forward was kept for Power Rangers Turbo
  • Though without a traditional Sixth Ranger, this season possessed a wannabe Sixth in Radietta Fanbelt, a fangirl who claimed to be the "White Racer" of the season. An official Sentai fan becoming a Sixth would actually occur in Gokaiger.
  • This is the first of two series to change the opening theme song: from episode 14 to the end, the "Full Accel" version of the "Gekisou Sentai Carranger" is used as the theme song, with the original version only being used again in the closing credits of the final episode. The only other season to do this completely changed the entire opening.
  • This season possesses the first time that a mecha has interchangable parts, as shown with the bizarre formation of the Scramble Intersection Robo. While used for comedy at this time, this would foreshadow the multi-combination mechs that would become standard in Sentai starting with Gaoranger.
  • This is the second season with a "vs. movie" but the first to treat it as an event instead of merely an extra episode as Ohranger had.
    • Though Carranger was not treated as an anniversary season due to Ohranger, it would be the only one within a 5-year sequence which would have a traditional "vs movie", due to the first "vs. Super Sentai" movie appearing 5 years later with the anniversary being counted by season instead of by years since Gorenger.
  • While many Western fans call Carranger "The Season that saved Super Sentai", this statement has no basis in fact. An interview with cast member Yuji Kishi ,[3], [4], [5] showed that no-one who worked on the show knew about this.
    • Much of such from a western fan’s perspective is rooted in a belief that because Chouriki Sentai Ohranger's ratings were worse than Carrangers (by only .3%), that the series was under the threat of cancellation because of such low viewership, and thus was saved by the money made by toy sales from Carranger. The reality is actually the opposite, with Ohranger’s sales far in excess making up for such, with Carranger in comparison not doing as well, although still stronger than prior years. [6] Even comparing ratings versus ratings, Ohranger’s decline was overall stable and it’s cause accounted for (see Notes under Chouriki Sentai Ohranger), while Carranger’s viewership had a consistent decline until its later episodes. The ratings would only show proper recovery with Denji Sentai Megaranger [7], which was ironically the first of several series to suffer from slashed budgets.
    • The reality is that it was Choujin Sentai Jetman that save Super Sentai from Chikyuu Sentai Fiveman's performance.
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