S.P.D. Blue Ranger (III)
Lina Song

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S.P.D. Green Ranger

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S.P.D. Blue Ranger (II)

S.P.D. Green Ranger (II)
S.P.D. Blue Ranger (III)
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"Three! S.P.D. Green Ranger!"
―S.P.D. Green Ranger's roll call[src]

Lina Song replaced Bridge Carson as the S.P.D. B-Squad Green Ranger in the HyperForce universe. She was later promoted to S.P.D. B-Squad Blue Ranger, with her former place being taken by J.J. Oliver.



Soul of the Dragon

Lina joined with several Space Patrol Delta officers to assist Tommy Oliver in rescuing his son J.J. from the witch Scorpina, engaging her forces in a battle which saw Scorpina dragged back to the Talos Dimension by her master Lokar while the remaining gang members were taken into custody by the Blue Senturion and his fellow police officers. Plantilla:Storylink


Ranger Powers


  • As with most NPCs in HyperForce, Lina Song is portrayed by Malika Lim.



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