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PRCU(Power Rangers Cinematic Universe)/Ranger Verse

I thinking movie universe that is based on Power Rangers/Super Sentai.
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Your power rangers dream team?

Hey, I'm just introducing myself and tell to you guys if you have a dream team rangers. Many of you should have know what I'm saying and well, this have to do with Power Rangers as well. You can choose the rangers you want and also, if some of them are your favorite characters. It doesn't matter how many rangers you use, just be creative and that's all. However, this is my Dream Team Rangers:

Red: Andros from In Space.
Blue: Tori Hanson from Ninja Storm.
Yellow: Ashley Hammond from Turbo.
Black: Zack Taylor from Mighty Morphin.
Green: Mike from Samurai.
Sixth: Orion from Super Mega Force.
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Classification of Super Sentai Teams (if Rangers Strike were to continue production)

Earth Technology:



*Battle Fever J

*Sun Vulcan

*Goggle V











*Lupinranger VS Patranger

Mystic Arms:






















Wild Beast:










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Power Rangers HyperForce availability

Is The Power Rangers HyperForce RPG available to buy?

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• 2/11/2019

Next return movie

Which team would like to have return in a movie next?

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• 2/10/2019

Food so good

little tyreik
little tyreik YouTube
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• 2/9/2019

The Enemies

I think the numerous and unique designs of every monster in every series is super underrated and overlooked quality of the shows. What series had your favorite monster designs? Me it's Light Speed Rescue!
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• 2/6/2019

Rangerwiki tweaks and possibly errors

Hello I am Wrvexacus69 and I'm new here and I noticed that some the rangerwiki items are a little off for example labeling goche ru medou and zamigo delma as monsters without mecha fights and also yoshi urazer was not a redeemed monster it was the upside piece of lupin collection that made it look like he was good I have seen some more errors and tweaks on pages let me know

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• 2/5/2019

Power rangers

Come on please power rangers hexagon
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• 2/5/2019

Waiting for Beast Morphers.

We are waiting for Power Rangers Beast Morphers. Come on!

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• 2/4/2019
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• 2/3/2019

Power rangers step up hahaha

We only have 23 series of PR while SS has almost 45 different series! More Power rangers damn it!!! Lol
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• 2/1/2019

Predict future PR seasons and what would happen in them

Make predictions on what adaptations on newer sentai seasons would bring such as actors, dimensions and how different they'll be from the super sentai counter parts.

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• 2/1/2019

PR Prequel series

I know it probably won't happen, but I'd love a series that details the ancient history of the Power Rangers tv universe. It would show the origins of Zordon and have him be a Ranger himself. Thoughts?

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• 1/30/2019

Which Power Rangers TV show era do you think was the better era?

  • Saban Era (Mighty Morphin- Wild Force)
  • Disney Era (Ninja Storm-Beast Morphers)
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• 1/30/2019

What if...

What if Super Sentai had a Smash Bros style fighting game?
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• 1/28/2019

Power Rangers RPM Thoughts?

Has anyone actually liked the RPM series. I did not. In fact I thought the quality was really low. I thought it was really messy and I got headaches by how the camera was being turned and stuff.

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• 1/28/2019

The 2nd team in the Heisei 30th anniversary special

Looks like it'll be consisted of Keichiiro,Luka,Kakeru,Eiji and Sousuke
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• 1/27/2019

Kamen Rider

This is a popular fandom in both Japan and America. Not to mention, there is a kamen rider wiki so this should be considered a fandom.
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• 1/25/2019

Ninja red

"Brody Romero" on Fandom: "Brody Romero is the current Ninja Steel Red, Red Ranger of the Ninja Rangers and the main..."
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